Fashion: Prom Season and Prom Memories

I was recently having a discussion with a group of friends the other day, which turned into a good old reminiscent talk about school proms. Back in my day – because I’m now almost 29- it was classed more as a ‘Leaving Party’, but with the same kind of feel as what today we call prom’s. Big fancy cars, best dresses on, first pair of high heels… make-up not looking so great!

Times have changed so much since 2001. It was 14 years ago I had my prom, and back then, girls weren’t as ‘advanced’ and grown-up so to speak. None of my friends got their make-up done, and we all pretty much opted for black dresses! I remember mine with a sequin number from Pineapple – yes, the casual activewear brand (as in Pineapple studios dance fame). I very much doubt low cut sequin black dresses are in there SS15 collection for this year. Nor did I even consider the whole nail trend back then either (poor grooming back then!)



For this Prom season, as a make-up artist I’ll be taking on bookings for Prom make-up. It’s the norm now for 15-16 year old girls to book in with a make-up professional for a Prom inspired make-over, so I’ve been getting lots of practice in lately to create fresh, innocent face make-up looks, so more defined, smokey looks for those who want to appear more grown-up…

smokey eye make-up
fresh face make-up
So I am guessing that whilst my prom memories lie within a sparkly Pineapple dress with no chest to fill it’s low front, and non-professionally applied make-up, I’m really wishing I was writing this post at my parents so I could share with you the awful photographs! In today’s day, the dresses the High Street retailers have dedicated for Prom season is in a different world to how it was. Beautiful, grown-up gowns with that touch of pretty innocence pack out the rails, with ranges of longer length maxi styles, cute 60’s inspired shift dresses, or layers of lace and chiffon to create the fairytale princess look.

New Look tops my list for this year – so I’ll be recommending the selection at New Look for any of my Prom make-up girls I’ll be making over this season. I’ve rounded up some super sweet styles below, which all have that vintage glamour theme which is a huge trend for occasions this year. The first one, the Cream Contrast Lace Panel Maxi, would be my pic if I could rewind the clock…

prom dress prom dress prom dress prom dressThese dresses are adorable and don’t break the bank at all – Mum’s who shop for Prom dresses for their girls can be looking to pay a maximum of £45 for a keepsake dress from New Look.

Another memory from Prom days that has just flashed in my head as I finish this post is this music – I recall Will Young Evergreen being the final song! Yes, the part where we all find a boy to slow dance to (cringe) and feel really awkward bumping into them in later life. Ah memories…

What are your prom day memories? Anyway dating back as long as 2001?

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