Fashion: Pineapple Pumps & A Little Bit of Love…

I recently mentioned on the blog about the Urban Hip Hop party I attended with street wear brand, and how they have an extensive range of brands all at exceptional prices. Well, I told you all about the items I chose from the website, and they got sent to me yesterday- a lovely package is always appreciated on Fridays!

I have to say that the cheapest item I was sent is actually an all time favourite of mine, and I cant believe just how reasonably priced this e-tailer is! To match my already existing Pineapple hoody and jumpsuit bottoms, I chose a pair of white and purple lace up pumps, which were a fabulous £6.99! The pumps are called ‘Flame 2’ and are a great buy for holidays, travelling, wearing with leggings and denim shorts/jeans…. the list is endless, but I honestly think they are a wardrobe essential for casualwear. More people should be aware of Get The Label! And that is coming from someone who only ever dresses ‘up’ and goes glamorous most of the week!

Also, I thought I’d show my little tattoo on the blog as it’s not something I usually show – all you need is love! <3 <3





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