Beauty: Eyebrows with MAC Brow Pencil in Lingering

For years and years, I was always the unfortunate one, with naturally fair hair, yet dark eyebrows. Then I started to highlight my hair and gradually get lighter over the years, but the ‘awkwardness’ of having eyebrows aprrox ten shades darker than my hair still stayed. I used to try everything, from over plucking to carefully applying face powder over them to lighten them in any possible way. Never ideal, but god loves a tryer…

However, 2013 only goes ahead and introduces us to bushy eyebrowed models, with dirty blonde hair and black eyebrows. Cara Delevinge makes her debut and the beauty fanatics go crazy! Suddenly it becomes stylish! The next thing we see is people falling over themselves to darken their brows to copy those on the catwalks. Eyebrow pencil sales go up, and brow bars open up all over the UK. Eyebrow tinting becomes one of the fastest growing beauty procedures, and at last, I can go natural!

However, I do believe all eyebrows need shaping, so I purchased an eyebrow pencil for the first time from MAC, which is actually two shades lighter than my natural brow colour (otherwise I would be sporting dramatic jet black brows, which would be way too harsh even in this day and age). It’s in shade ‘Lingering’, and I simply use it at the corners near my nose just to ‘corner off’ the look. Voila! With my strange colourings, I am now officially accepted in the eyes of the beauty industry, and I have natural eyebrows. Good news all round then!

Emma Campbell

MAC Eye Pencil in Lingering

MAC Eye Pencil in Lingering

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