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First of all: Happy New Year! 2017 is now behind us, and today is officially the first day of a shiny new year. I half feel the need to round up what a year 2017 was for me, and what goals and aims I have for 2018, but I’m kinda feeling it’s a little cliché? I mean, nothing wrong with it at all, but I tend to put one of those posts together every 1st Jan, so I’ve decided to keep it much more simple this time around.

I’ll start by sharing this beautttttiful dress I wore on New Years Eve, which is an absolute steal at just £20 from Missguided. It’s their Burgundy Scuba Frill Shoulder dress which you can click the link and take a peek – it looks and feels so much more premium than £20.

Plus, it’s not just a ‘New Year’s Eve’ dress – I’ll get loads more wear out of this for a range of events throughout the year. I’d even wear it with tights and a long blazer for business occasions, although perhaps a little on the dressy side.

I saw in the New Year with my boyfriend and some good friends at a place called Todmorden – a little village going through to West Yorkshire. We went to a little pizza restaurant first, before touring the pubs and bars and eventually getting home around 3.30 am!

I feel thankful that 2017 was kind to me, as it’s been quite unlucky for a lot of others. I’ve watched a few close people around me suffer from bad news either personally with themselves or with family, and not to mention a lot of the awful events that happened – like the Manchester attacks. With being a Manchester girl through and through, and loosely knowing one of the victims, it really affected for me.

But focusing on the positives:

I did really well at work, managing the USA PR strategy for our beauty retailers. I also saw through another successful year with What Emma Did – the blog has gone from strength to strength.

I completed a top-up masterclass with makeup, and successfully have a lot of new makeup bookings for weddings in 2018 (I’m so excited at the thought of doing more makeup!). I’m ‘officially’ moving in with my boyfriend, after us both living between two houses for the past 2 years.

I became an auntie for the second time to gorgeous little baby Theo. I went on a fantastic cruise, as well as lots of other little family holidays. I watched my best friend get married and was Maid of Honour, as well as organising the best hen party weekend. I bought a new car, my lovely Audi A1. I could go on and on!

So what does 2018 hold for me? Well, I only have one aim: start vlogging. Last year I Set myself lots of goals and put a lot of pressure on myself. I set myself goals with savings, and also targets to reach for my social media, and thankfully, I hit them all. But it did mean dedicating a lot of the year to working my backside off without much quality time for just plain old ‘living’ set aside.

So this year I’m stripping it all back. I’m going to start vlogging and run my own What Emma Did YouTube channel, because it’s literally the only thing missing right now! No more goals or aims, just to be successful, be happy, and enjoy what I do.

I’ll round the post up with another little Missguided purchase which I currently can’t get enough off: this grey frill detail loungewear set! Because I plan to spend more rest time this year, and what better than to rest up in pretty loungewear?!

A huge thank you to those who still follow my blog, read my waffle, like my Instagram photos and share the odd tweet. I love you all lots and I can only promise much more of What Emma Did for 2018!

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