Fashion: Kenya Moontide Bikini from UK Swimwear

I’m not usually a fan of sharing bikini style photos, especially when I’m not currently on holiday, BUT…. when you find a bikini as nice as this one I’m about to share, it becomes a whole different story.

In a nutshell, I’m currently planning some Winter sun this year in December. As I became a full time self-employed influencer earlier this year (finally, after 8 years!) it’s the first time I can can give myself time off in December. I used to work in retail PR, so December was always a key month for business.


So, I excitedly decided to get myself a dark, monochrome styled bikini ready for my Winter sun. I haven’t booked it yet… but myself and my boyfriend are thinking of a little week to the Canary Islands maybe. Who knows… we’ll see where the cold December vibes back in the UK inspire us to jet off to…

This bikini in particular is from UK Swimwear – an online retail dedicated to alllll the styles and designs of swimwear you could possibly imagine. It’s one of those go-to destination sites when you know you want to clearly browse swimwear without any complications. You can browse by style, brand, price, etc etc…

I knew I wanted a bikini, as I’ve managed to collect rather a lot of swimming costumes and kaftans from the Summer. But I knew I wanted a monochrome, darker style, and ideally a Triangle style bikini which seems to be really popular this year!

The actual bikini is from the brand Moontide, a premium, high quality swimwear brand.

They have so many flattering styles, but I fell in love with the Kenya Longline Bikini. Not only is it┬ásimple and elegant,it has this subtle print which nods towards nature, bringing to mind African vibes. It’s striking, bold and quite possibly my new favourite piece. It comes complete with soft cups and a clip back with adjustable straps.

One thing I will say is that my pasty, white as ice body needs some tanning up before I even think about hitting the beach. I recently attended a launch with tanning brand Fake Bake, who have launched a fantastic Double Shot Espresso Tan, a gel version which develops quickly into a rich, deep tan.

I haven’t tried it yet, but when I do, I’ll be sharing the results with you all.

But in the meantime, these photos show the ‘before’ – fairly white and pale!

I’ll update you guys soon, on both the Winter Sun topic, and the Fake Bake product. But for now, feel free to watch my latest weekly vlog where you can see a few clips of the Fake Bake Double Shot Espresso Tan launch at Cloud 23, Hilton Deansgate. Enjoy!


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