Beauty: Feline Fierce With Boots for Halloween

This post is a paid collaboration with Boots UK but all thoughts remain my own

So guys – Halloween is nearly approaching! And you know what? As much as I used to get heavily involved with Halloween dressing up, parties and all kinds of scary shizzle back in the student days, the past 8-9 years I’ve lay quite low. Boring, right?

This year I’m spinning it up a little. Halloween is all about fun, embracing the trick or treat-ers, eating all the toffee apples, and more importantly for me as a beauty blogger – getting creative with Halloween Makeup!

So for today’s post, I have collaborated with Boots and their extensive range of makeup brands, to create what I like to call ‘The Metallic Cat’ makeup look. I mean, cats aren’t very scary, but…. they can look a little like a creature of the night (I’m trying here!), and you can dress up the look with some sparkly cat ears and a black bodysuit. Me-owwwww.

Plus, it’s one of those Halloween party looks where you can actually make yourself look rather cute! Who wants to come as a Vampire and look pretty horrendous?! Ha ha, that’s the beauty blogger in me coming out!

As you can see, I’m loaded up with a range of makeup products for an array of different brands. I have NYX eyeshadow palettes for my eyes (which are fantastic – so affordable and exceptionally good quality), metallic eye colours from Sleek (another super affordable brand), lashes from Ardell (I always purchase these myself! So easy to apply), face jewels from Barry M, eyeliners from new makeup brand CYO, liners and mascaras from Boujois and Rimmel….

The list goes on!

So, I have decided to give you a little run down of how I created ‘The Metallic Cat’. Step-by-step so it’s easy to follow…

For this look, it’s vital to have a black liquid eyeliner or felt tip eyeliner, a shimmer, glossy liquid eyeshadow that doubles up for the lips, a glowing highlighter and some flashy false lashes.

STEP 1: Create your base

Begin by giving yourself a full coverage foundation look. You want your face to become ‘a base’ for the makeup. Set with setting powder, and brush on a bronzer to create a strong contour. Here, I’ve used Benefit’s Hoola – also from Boots. I’ve used the Makeup Obsession (again, a Boots purchase, and a very cheap and incredible brand FYI) highlighter in an ice white shade.

STEP 2: Start with the eyes

Using a dark navy shimmery eyeshadow, cover the eyelid up to the crease. You can go over this with touches of grey for definition if you like. Then, go over your eyebrows with a twist up eyebrow pencil for precision. I use the Smashbox Brow Tech Matte pencil for mine and it’s brilliant! It has a brush too so you can brush your brows upwards into a bushier shape.

STEP 3: Apply lashes

It’s important to apply your false lashes at this stage because it’s much trickier messing with the glue and positioning when you have applied your liquid eyeliner. So make sure you apply at this stage so they are neatly in place. Mine are a 3D mink pair from Ardell at Boots.


STEP 4: Line up, and add shimmer and gloss!

For the next step, take a liquid eyeliner. A felt tip pen style is great for keeping your lines neat. Draw around the crease of your eye, lining the shape of your eyelid. Then, draw an exaggerate cat eye flick to your upper lash line. Join this line up with the previous line you drew.

Then, take your glossier, shimmer liquid eyeshadow (I’ve used a peach/gold shade, but you could use white/silver too) and add some metallic gloss to the middle of your upper eyelid. You’ll add the metallic ‘wow’ at this stage, and watch your eyes pop!

Then, line your lower lash line with a black eyeliner pencil, and add dramatic sweeps of white eyeliner to the inner corners of the eyes. Finish with lashings of black mascara.


STEP 5: Get catty!

Taking your liquid eyeliner in black, draw a cat style nose onto the tip of your nose. Remember to get as close to the inside as possible to avoid any skin showing! Then, draw your three whiskers and little circles at each side of the nose/mouth area.

Then take the liquid eyeliner and colour in your top lip so it’s all black. The next step is to take the glossy liquid shimmer eyeshadow from before, and use it to cover your bottom lip. Me-oowwwwwwww girl!

STEP 6: Add some jewels

Finish with stick-on face jewels to bring out the metallic vibes on the eyes and lip, giving a full on jazzy, high shine, glossy cat look!

For more Cat Halloween Makeup inspiration, you can find some inspiration over at the Boots blog. You can also watch this super easy, cute cat look video put together by Boots below, too!


I don’t know about you but I LOVE this look! And you don’t have to have special makeup artist skills or anything like that to create. Just a bit of patience and creativity. Good luck and do share with me any Halloween makeup looks of your own you end up creating.

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