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Long gone are the days when glasses were seen as ‘uncool’ – people are wearing them even though they have perfect vision! Dark frame glasses are one of the biggest trends in particular, making the whole geek-chic look become cool and stylish. I for one couldn’t be happier with this; I’ve been wearing glasses since being twelve years old, and back then it was seen as something ugly. As soon as I was old enough I mastered the art of contact lenses, desperately seeking a way to avoid the nerdy stereotype. But now that the specky look has become the fashionable thing to do, I’ve wearing my glasses more than I wear my contact lenses, and I’m spoilt for choice with all the stylish frames every time I update my pair.

My newest pair are from Firmoo, and it’s the first time I have ordered frames online. It’s always a risk, but if you have a general favourite type of look, shape and size, it’s not too difficult to find the one you want in the correct shade. The pair I have were only $36 and delivery was approximately three days…

emma campbell
I only have a little head (very petite person!) so I always run the risk of frames being slightly large on me, but as I mentioned before it’s all about the large, dark rim frames, so even if my glasses look a little too big for me it’s actually part of the trend these days. For the cost of these glasses, I’m more than impressed with the quality and found the selection I had to chose from was extensive, with lots of variety. Firmoo even has a Virtual Look Viewer to help you see if the frames you chose are going to match your face shape.

For first time customers, they are currently running 15% off, so take a look here. And how cool is my world map inspired glasses case below?

I’m also on the hunt for a pair of designer sunglasses for my upcoming trip to Barcelona, and have been looking at Optical Express for a bit of inspiration. I’ve started looking with this company because I realised they are one of the leaders for Laser Eye Surgery, and that’s something I’m considering in the near future when I finally get fed up of wearing glasses and brave myself up to take the plunge.

For now, I think I’ll stick with wearing frames. In terms of sunglasses, they have a stunning selection of styles from the likes of Bulgari, Gucci and Dior, and are a stockist of one of my favourite sunglasses brands- RayBan. One day, I will own a pair of these!

When it comes to choosing your glasses or sunglasses online, don’t be worried about not having the comfort of being in store with staff to guide you. Online opticians like Optical Express are designed to make the shopping online experience a stress free one, and offer a search engine for you too to find your nearest clinic if you need to physically visit the clinic for eye surgery or consultations.

In the meantime, keep rocking the glasses trend!

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