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So here’s a new discovery – I’m finding myself becoming more and more casual. When payday came on Friday, I headed to ASOS and purchased a fitted roll neck grey top, two over-sized cropped sweaters, and a dark grey hooded top (alwaaaaays grey). I’m officially a casual dresser.

Don’t worry – I’m still obsessed with girly dressing, and will continuously be running my dress boutique based on pretty, dressy styles. But I’m finding myself enjoying throwing on over-sized sweaters and leggings more. I hope this doesn’t mean I’m getting lazy!

I totally blame the gym for bringing this on. If I go to the gym on a Saturday, I’ll sometimes come home and just continue the ‘style’, so to speak. I’ll keep my sporty leggings on, and throw on an over-sized jumper. And I’m loving doing it that much, that I’m actually on the lookout for some stylish, printed boyfriend style sweaters. Anyone would think we’re going into Winter, not Summer!

The white mesh sweater I’m wearing in the above photo is another recent purchase, from good old H&M. I tend to go quite minimal with my makeup too when I dress this way, really working that laid-back look.

The gym wear I’m sporting below is all from JD Sports brand Pink Soda, which is by far my favourite workout wear brand. It’s cute, but with that practical, fuss-free gym feel.

Along with my new found casual style comes being more thrifty with accessories. I’ve recently been bringing out a soft red leather shoulder bag, which is that many years old I couldn’t even begin to tell you the exact age. I’m also investing in pre-worn, vintage inspired jewellery, including second hand omega watches. Although second hand, you still get the luxury and finesse of premium watches.

There’s just something about pairing a comfy way of dressing with accessories that have that quirky touch of character, like second hand watches.

The outfit across the following photos – the oversized black printed t-shirt dress – is one of my newest items I’m selling over at my dress boutique. At first, I ordered this in stock for those who love logo tee’s and have that slight rock n roll edge to them. I didn’t think it would be one for me personally.

However, I recently wore the tee dress last weekend, teamed with a pair of ankle boots, and thought hey – I can actually pull this ‘cool’ style off!

The t-shirt dress retails at £12.00 over at my What Emma Did Boutique, and is also available in my favourite colour…. Grey!

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  1. April 24, 2017 / 8:48 am

    Dressing casual suits you perfectly, you look fabulous.

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