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christophe robin hair mask

To say I’ve been working as a beauty editor and blogger for around 8 years and more professionally as a beauty marketing and PR specialist for around 18 months, I still hadn’t tried out the Christophe Robin brand for myself.

Although I tell a little lie – I did try out the Prickly Pear intense conditioner a few years ago when I was sampling at a hair event. Other than that, I’ve just heard all the incredible reviews for the professional brand, and longed to use them myself.

I’m lucky to work closely with the hair care brand, so when I received a package of hair treats which included shampoos, hair masks, and conditioners and styling sprays, I jumped for joy. This expert range for those with coloured hair (and sensitive hair) could now be trialed!

The product I’m focusing on today is the Christophe Robin Shade Variation Care in Baby Blond, purely because it’s my favourite. So here are my views…

christophe robin hair mask
Christophe Robin Shade Variation Care – Baby Blond

Firstly, it’s worth knowing a little background information on this hair care expert. Christophe Robin is fascinated with women’s natural beauty, and the techniques used to enhance it. His products take into consideration pigments, lights and contrasts, aiming to improve the condition, look and feel of hair by truly treating it.

This Shade Variation Care in Baby Blond is a treatment mask to revive blonde hair and bring out a brighter, cleaner shade.  It specifically targets blonde hair which can turn slightly grey or yellow over time, in which this nutritive mask restores the colour. For me, I suffer from slight brassy tones and that yellow tinge, when my blonde becomes a little ‘washed out’.

christophe robin hair mask

My goal is to keep my blonde dazzling, as well as hydrated, soft and strong.  When I first used this mask, I was happy to discover the shade of the creamy lotion is a deep purple – great for neutralizing and eliminating yellow/brassy tones.  It’s probably worth me pointing out at this stage that this product is ammonia and paraben free too!

It contains almond butter, and has a lightly scented smell which makes applying this rich textured mask a dream. I tend to leave it on for about 10 minutes, but you can leave for longer.

I’ve used this on three occasions up to now, and can honestly say it’s helping to assist with maintaining my blonde to look ‘cleaner’. I feel like it’s lifting the lightest, whiter blonde tones and brings out a fresher, brighter, whiter blonde.

emma campbell
So as well as pampering and nourishing my blonde hair, it’s looking much fresher and brighter! I don’t want to keep using the word ‘clean’, but that is honestly the best word to describe the results.

The results last around 3-5 washes. I’d say it’s more like 3 washes for me, with having fine hair.

Christophe Robin Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner with Rose Extracts

Alongside the Shade Variation Care, I’ve been giving the rose extract volumizing shampoo and conditioner a go. These complimenting products have been created to protect colour, nourish the hair fibre and volumise, without weighing the hair down. They smell lovely and fresh, and I’ve found when used together they work to de-tangle and moisturise the hair, even though volumizing is the main aim.

These Christophe Robin Delicate Volumizing products contain Rose Extracts in a gelified formula enriched with rose oils extract and baobab leaves, which are known for locking in the acid Ph balance into the fibres. To get your head round this, this limits the pigments escaping, so colour remains brilliant and fresh.

These are both pretty much all-rounder products to me!


All in all, I’m pretty impressed with these picks from Christophe Robin. And I’m glad I am, after all, I hear so many happy customers whilst working in the beauty industry, it was about time I experienced it myself!

I guess it’s safe to say that when my blond hair is looking fresh and clean, I’m feeling much more confident, so I’m very happy indeed!

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