Fashion: 5 Ways To Ugrade Your Underwear

Underwear can often be seen as a garment of practicality, which can prompt a lot of women to buy unassuming, understated designs simply for everyday wear. Ladies’ knickers have so much more potential than that, with the ability to be turned into something special.

Whether it’s for your own benefit to instil you with confidence, or to surprise your other half, underwear can be so much more than just something to wear underneath your clothes.

If you’re looking for ways to upgrade your basic briefs, but need a little inspiration; look no further! Here are some great features to look out for when buying new knickers.

Quality Fabrics

You can give a makeover to the plainest of underwear simply by looking out for quality fabrics. Silk and satin are the top two choices, both being light and soft. What’s more, they catch the light too, adding a much more glamorous shimmer to your knickers when it’s needed. Silk and satin knickers are always a perfect choice thanks to their effortless, beautiful appearance.

You should also keep an eye out for lace or mesh inserts. These options can glam up your underwear; look for mesh inserts across the back, or lace down the sides for an alluring detail.

Luxury Charms

One way of making your underwear a little more luxurious is to look for extras that you normally might not associate with ladies’ knickers. Charms can be an eye-catching feature, worn on the knickers themselves or taken off and added to a handbag.

Charms are often special symbols representing an occasion of some description, so why not adorn your underwear with a beautiful charm that adds a glittering detail?

Vibrant Colours

Nothing upgrades any form of clothing like vibrant, bold colours. Instantly making a statement, shades like red, pink and gold are much more pleasing to the eye than standard nude, white and black underwear that you might revert to on a daily basis. Metallic colours are popular choices for their shimmering look, while bright shades of royal blue and emerald green create a mesmerising appearance.


Knickers don’t have to be plain; granted, sometimes it’s better if they are for underneath form-fitting clothing, but take advantage of the embellishments available in the fashion world. Knickers can be embellished with the use of sequins, buttons and even skirt-detailing to take it up a notch.

Adding a beautiful, decorative aspect to your underwear, even the simplest of detail can take simple briefs from dreary to dazzling. It doesn’t matter if no one else gets to see it; you’ll know it’s there, and that’s all that matters.


Briefs are the go-to for many women for their practicality and comfort, and they are also sometimes bought out of habit too. Why not step out of your comfort zone and choose a different style? It’s one of the easiest ways to upgrade your lingerie drawer.

Look for thongs and G-strings that combine comfort with style, or consider investing in beautiful French knicker. Flattering and feminine, French knickers fan out over your hips to create an enticing, intriguing appearance.

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