Does Green Tea Help To Speed Up Your Metabolism?

Yes – green tea does speed up your metabolism. It really does, coming from someone who regularly drinks green tea (around 3-4 mugs of it a day), I have the fastest metabolism without even wanting one.

I’m not trying to loose weight, I switched to green tea to help my acne and because tea/coffee with milk makes it worse. I try to limit how much soya or almond milk I consume, so green tea is a better option for hot drinks for me to consume.

For someone who eats like a horse (those who know me will agree with this!) I still seem to remain at the same weight, which can only be due to a fast metabolism.

Yes, I have a naturally fast metabolism, but it has been sped up by Green Tea.

I don’t encourage unhealthy weight loss at all, but when people ask me how I stay so slim, drinking green tea is one of the ways that keeps me so slim.

If you drink a cup of green tea before going to bed, it works to burn calories while you sleep. Don’t go crazy on the stuff – everything in moderation – but it could be worth trying if your metabolism is a little sluggish,

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