6 Ways To Motivate and Understand Yourself

How can I motivate myself to get sh*t done? What can I do to start focusing on my goals and get my sh*t together? Yep, I ponder these questions to myself often!

Well, I’ve been doing some serious research, and have uncovered 6 things to follow and understand if you really want to start making a change. From reaching those life goals to understanding why you have the problems you have in the first place, this vlog tells all!

They are super easy things to start actioning or to simply start understanding. I’ve listed the main points below, but make sure you watch the vlog above to hear the real reasons behind each one…

6 ways to get stuff done

1: Make your bed every morning

2: Follow the swallow the frog rule

3: Surround yourself with yellow

4: Set your passwords as your goals

5: Only ask people how advice who will be effected by your decision

6: Be aware that there are just two reasons you have problems. One is that you think without acting, the other is you act without thinking…

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