Discovering Rituals Beauty as Manchester Arndale Store Opens

One thing I love about Manchester is that as a city, we’re slowly getting all the incredible shops that were once only seen in London. There’s nothing worse than wanting to try out a beauty, skincare or makeup products, and realising you can only buy online or at a London boutique.

It tends to be that way with a lot of niche, specialist beauty brands, which is why I was very impressed to hear about one of Manchester Arndale’s newest arrivals.

Rituals opened in June, bringing the beauty element of wellness and joy to our Northern Capital. I ‘officially’ discover Rituals properly last year, when I tried out a number of their products in travel size. I have also visited a couple of their stand alone stores in London, so I have this vision of a well-being brand that delivers quality products with exceptional scents to the market.

Saying that, I’ve yet been able to bring their products into my own daily beauty ‘ritual’, which has now changed. The Manchester Arndale store opened, and I was kindly invited to look around and try out a few key products, to see how I get on incorporating them into my own regimes.

Firstly, Rituals is all about unveiling those moments which remind you to experience them with joy. These can be anything, but as nicely put it, it can be taking a nice long bath or creating a homey atmosphere with the rich scent of Asian incense.

Basically, Rituals allows you to find happiness in the smallest of things, which is something I feel more of us need. To take the time out to realise that relaxation and indulging ourselves in self-care isn’t a luxury, it’s a part of life.

The new store is just lovely – it really did give me this calm, relaxed feeling when I walked around. The store manager Emma and one of her store assistants kindly shown me around, and I even had time to experience the beautiful handwashes and creams. Honestly – smelling all the uplifting scents was just pure bliss. The hardest part was to differiatate a favourite, as they were all so special in their own way.

The thing that stood out to be first is that all the products feel and smell like quality. No cheap ingredients or over powering scents, just pure quality. The store made me feel special when I browsed it’s shelves, and most importantly, planted in my mind how important it is to took after myself and take time out for pampering.

With all the stunning candles and diffusers around, it was hard to think about anything else. I even started planning how I was going to unwind that evening, armed with my new Rituals of Hammam candle.

So what do I think of the products, now I’ve had a month or so to try them out and allow them as part of my beauty regime? Well, it’s hard to hone into a few key words here, but I’ll try my best.

Firstly, the majority of products are infused with fine fragrances which hold can completely transform your mood and create atmospheres in your mind. These can be anything from de-stressing, revitalising and comforting.

The Ritual of Dao scent which is packed into the luxurious rich body lotion was quite comforting to me and also made me think about snuggling down in a cotton dressing gown and getting all cosy – which is a little specific but that’s what I think of every time I lather my body with it.

Due to recommendations, I also decided to try out the AHA Glow Mask after complaining that I have dull skin. So I started to use this, applying before I have a bath, and then relaxing for 10 minutes in the bath while it sinks in. It works to rid of any dull skin and leaves me complexion glowing and refreshed, which is super helpful after I’ve had a few days in a row wearing thick makeup.

I think my favourite product of all (in terms of skincare, because I have to say the diffuser is my very fave) is the self-tanning lotion. The packaging won be over for a start, as never before have I owned a self tanner that looks so premium and delightful to look at. It’s shiny gold foil inspired tube just looks too precious to use, but the tan it delivers makes it OK to go ahead and squeeze away at it.

A little goes a long way, and the tan it builds up is subtle and natural, with a golden glow that works a treat on my skin tone.

If you’re keen on well-being and self-care, and want your beauty and body regime to reflect this, this brand is worth checking out. If you don’t know too much about it, I’d recommend popping into the store and browsing around the collections, having a smell at all the scents and seeing which ones you are drawn to.

Prices aren’t over the top either. In fact, I’d say for the quality, they are more than reasonable. The diffuser I have retails at £24.90 and is going strong 8 weeks after my visit, filling my kitchen and dining room with this cherry blossom sweet scent.

A full tub of their rich body lotion is around £18.50, and a tiny bit goes a long way. The beauty is you don’t have to fork out over £30 for a large size product that works, and honestly, anyone that walks past you when you’re slathered in the body lotions will compliment you on how well you smell!

A huge thanks to the Rituals team for showing me around and introducing me to the brand. I’m so impressed to see this brand come to Manchester!

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