Beauty: Dermaroller for Acne Scars and Pigmentation

I’ve always struggled with red marks left from past breakouts for a long long time, and I’d say it is my number one skin concern. Luckily, I can wear makeup every day and conceal as I please, but on those lazy days when I want to let my skin breathe and not cover it up, I can’t help but feel paranoid about those pesky red tell-tale marks that break outs once happened.

Alongside this, I lived in Australia for a year, and travelled to some super hot countries like Indonesia and Singapore. Although the experience was beyond magical and the best time of my life, I now have lovely sun damage and pigmentation to take away as a souvenir.

I’m a beauty editor for my full time job, and run this beauty and lifestyle blog alongside it, as well as doing makeup artistry part time. So it’s fair to save I know a lot about skin, skin health and treating concerns. I’m pretty clued up on ingredients and procedures after doing a lot of training up, and I’m always trying the best premium products to tackle my concerns.

However, there are only so many products, regimes and healthy diets can do. When you have a real bug bear – like I do with acne marks and pigmentation – you have to leave it to the professionals and embrace a specialist treatment.

What is Dermaroller?

Welcome Dermaroller, the beauty industries answer to skin rejuvenation. Dermaroller, (also known as Derma rolling, skin roller, or micro-needling is a hand-held device used around the world for a process known as micro-needling or collagen induction therapy.

The concept is created by rolling the needles over the skin many times at a quick speed to create tiny punctures in the skin, which then stimulate collagen production (an essential building block of your skin tissue that creates depth and elasticity, creating a plumping effect).

The people who see the benefits include those with fine lines and wrinkles who want them softening, those with scars and marks who wants them fading and plumping, and those who need a deeper treatment than microdermabrasion to rid of sun damage, brown spots and pigmentation.

I’ll be honest – Dermarolling is painful, given the repeated pricking of your skin. A numbing cream is always applied to the skin first, which helps ease the pain a little, but it sure can be uncomfortable.

Beauty is pain – right?

Where to go?

I booked in for a session at Spa Satori in Manchester for the most recent Dermaroller treatment I had, mainly because of hearing so many positive things about their professional treatments and skin procedures. Plus, they are open late nights until 8 pm during the week, which not many salons offer, therefore they cater for those who work long hours, just like myself.

The staff are all fully trained and have all the treatments carried out on themselves, which is comforting. When you are about to have a micro-needling procedure, it helps to know that the therapist carrying out the treatment is no stranger to how it feels herself.

My therapist analysed my skin and carried out a full consultation, before deciding on a 1.0 mm needle. 1.5 is just a little too deep, saying that my scars and marks aren’t too intense. However, the 0.5 mm is more for skin level scars, marks and wrinkles, where as I’d benefit by going a little deeper. The numbing cream was applied for 20 minutes, and then we were quite literally ready to roll!

The procedure takes around 15 minutes maximum for a full face, but it’s the after effects I want to really stress to you. So many people are easily put off by hearing horror stories about scarring caused from the needles, marks that stay, bleeding and even severe scratching, but this is exactly what I said: horror stories. If your therapist isn’t fully trained or doesn’t give you a full analysis first, you could get the wrong needle for you skin type, or the wrong technique, which could cause these. So always book in at a professional, high quality salon. I can’t rave about Spa Satori enough for their incredible service and practice.

Immediately After

OK so I don’t want this next part to scare you, but I wanted to show an honest view of how my skin looks immediately after my session. I have sensitive skin – most things make it red – but it never lasts long. So yes, I think I go much more ‘red’ than most would. The photos below show my skin straight after the needling and after soothing serums were applied. As you can see, I’m a deep shade of pink.

My skin felt tender and a little sore, but I promise you – this completely died down after 1 hour 30! For most, it calms after an hour. I just have very sensitive skin, but I went to bed that evening and woke up in the morning with only the slightest touch of pink.

2 weeks after

So they say that the best results from Dermaroller can be seen up to 10 months after the treatment, because of collagen slowly getting stimulated and constantly renewing the skin. However, results can be seen pretty much a few days after, continuing to improve the condition, look and feel of the skin as time goes on.

After just two weeks, my skin looked noticeably better. I’ve been using a new dermatologist backed skincare brand at the same time as having the treatment (more to come about this on the blog), so I don’t know whether the products have helped or not, but either way, my skin is looking completely rejuvenated, with a boost of radiance and that smooth, plumped look.

It’s the plumped up, ‘filled’ effect I’m noticing the most, as well as signs of pigmentation fading. In general, after a two week period, I’d describe my overall skin as refreshed, radiant and renewed. So it’s all about the ‘R’s’ there!

A huge thanks to the team at Spa Satori for carrying out a brilliant treatment. I noticed on their salon list they also carry out Derma Lift facials and luxury Elemis facials, so I think I’ll be back once my skin has settled…

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