Lifestyle: 30 Reasons to Love Turning 30

People will tell you that life begins at 30, but I wasn’t too sure. Until, that is, I turned 30 myself last May. And weirdly, everything those older than me had said suddenly slotted into place.

That strange feeling of fitting into your own skin more, taking no crap, feeling more content. Cliche as it sounds, it all happened. So as this year kicks off the year a lot of my friends turn 30 (I’m a little ahead of some of them), I thought it would be nice to highlight my own personal 30 reasons to enjoy turning 30. So here we go…

1. You have fewer friends because you’ve started getting rid of your acquaintances
…and should have began dropping toxic people in your life. When you look around at 30, those close to you are the friends who are still around through choice, and are definitely quality people who complement your life.

2. You (might) actually know how to cook yourself a decent meal.
You’ve finally figured out that cooking can save you a lot of money and it’s even a little therapeutic. And, there are so many fantastic recipes out there, that it’s actually a new learning curve for you. Who knew you could whip up a delicious root veg creamed mash without buying the microwaveable version?

3. You can throw a big party
You only turn 30 once, and it’s an incredible opportunity to go all out with celebrations! If you’ve always wanted that large-scale party where all your favourite people are in one room, then this is your chance. Capture your memories by investing in a photo booth to have at your chosen party.

Not only is it super fun and everyone loves having a go, you’ll usually get a copy of everyone’s photos to keep in a book forever. Plus, it gets the party going and lets people socialise a little more. I had one at my 30th and it was so much fun. But mainly, I have these snaps to cherish forever. Take a look at Booth Boy for inspiration.

4.You actually relate to your parents a little bit.
They actually become your ‘friends’. You realise why they were the way they were when you were growing up, and they aren’t there to be your enemy. They are they to care and love you. And maybe when people start saying your turning into your mum, it starts to feel like a compliment. Because she’s a wise old owl. Just like you…

5. You worry less about small things.
At this age, you know better, and you’ve probably experienced many freakouts. But you know how to control your emotions more, and have a better idea of whats important, and what isn’t.

6. You know what you want.
You may have taken some wrong turns to finally get it right, but that makes the journey all the more sweet.

7. You actually have the money to spend on travel
4 and 5 star all-inclusive hotels become more attainable, and you can actually spend your wage on real adult stuff, like quality garden furniture and the nicest selection of crockery. You’ll be house proud and want to show off your assets (life assets now, not body assets!). You are probably on the highest wage you have reached, comfortable it will only rise.

8. The phrase “this too shall pass” will resonate more than ever.
You have much more faith that bad times will pass, because you’ve seen it happen before. You know that even when you couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, it eventually shines through. Just hang in there.

9. You feel the effects of aging, which will motivate you to eat healthy and exercise.
And the good thing is, a lot of your fellow 30-something friends are right there with you. You know you aren’t getting younger, your crows feet will open develop more and your metabolism will slow down. But I bet you wont eat as many cheesy chips portions from the chip shop on a Friday night too (or sleep in your make up, dehydrate yourself with lack of water, or skip the eye cream…)

10. You benefit from bad experience
All the crap you went through in your 20’s? You’ll finally reap the benefits of the bad experiences in your 30’s. Because now that you’ve been through all of that, you’ll probably have better judgment of avoiding those situations in your 30’s. When you know better, you do better.

11. You’ve established your personal style
After following the trends with a watchful eye and rocking those crazy fads, you know what does and doesn’t suit you. You also know which ear you looked the hottest in, and what you feel most comfortable in. You’ll have developed a key colour scheme and tailoring idea at this stage, so believe me when I say your wardrobe will be at its most stylish. Because it’s a true reflection of you.

12. You know your alcohol limits
Purely because you’ve been there, drank tequila, fell over and sliced your knee too many times. And waking up with a rotten hangover on the day you’re meant to be spending it with the family isn’t ideal. You know what you can handle and what you can’t, so you work around it accordingly. No longer do you need to upgrade your singles to your doubles to look good anymore.

13. People look up to you, but you can still have role models too.
And those role models can be in their 20’s – it’s not a crime to be inspired by someone a little younger. Unless it’s a teen. Which is a bit weird…

14. You’ve learnt when to apologise and how to say sorry,
but you know when to stand your ground and not back down.

15. The mundane things – and some of the scariest – are all out-of-the-way
Driving tests, degrees, getting out of debt and kick-starting a career are usually all done and dusted in your late teens and twenties. Meaning you should sail through your 30’s and life forever onwards without worrying out these nail-biting things. And lets face it, for an easier life, they all need doing and can’t be avoided.

16. You can remember the nineties
A priceless memory, which is forever golden. Ain’t no body lived unless they’ve witness the Clueless era, thought they were Britney in the Baby One More Time video and had a crush on Leo DiCaprio after watching Titanic.

17. You’ve watched technology change for the best
You used to play Snake on your Nokia 3310 and talk to your school crush on MSN messenger. Thank god for whatsapp, iPhones and Snapchat now, making communication much easier and accessible.

18. It’s the prime time for adventures with friends
30 is the year most people get married, have children or (on the other end of the scale) have midlife crisis and pack up and move to another country to start a new life. This means embarking on adventures of hen parties, weddings, holidays, leaving parties, and huge 30th celebrations. Embrace the period of something to celebrate with your closest friends!

19. Acne goes away
And we’re totally happier with sporting a face of fine lines and wrinkles than those pesky red spots. Any day!

20. You’re a decade closer to retiring
Just think of a life of forever lie ins, strolls to the park, having a dog by your side every day and never having to chair a meeting again

21. You’ll own more quality things
Your house won’t be kitted out with just IKEA furniture, and you’ll have some pricier, higher quality clothing labels than good old Atmosphere (that’s Primark in case you don’t know…)

22. You can admit you hate clubbing
Those nights in your late twenties where you drag yourselves to a club, and can’t stop looking at ‘younger models’ sporting the tiniest of clothes and thinking ‘how are you not cold?’, or worrying about your ears exploding next to speakers. Or just in general much preferring a night of fine wine and steak at a cosy pub restaurant, We’ve all been there. But when you hit 30, you can voice your thoughts, and it will only be expected.

23. You realise that ‘me time’ is an essential part of life, not just a luxury
Running a bath, putting on an eye mask and going to bed at 9.30 pm is needed sometimes, not just wanted. It’s important to relax, clear your mind and rest up every now and again, as a necessity. So you slot it into your calendar with the same importance as that appointment with your bank manager.

24. You get this whole new load of dignity
All of a sudden, you just know your worth. And ain’t anyone gonna make you feel crap about yourself! You walk around with your head held higher, you appreciate your own success, and you don’t let people ‘play’ you the way they once did. You would never drunkenly dial an ex after 2 glasses of pinot like you once would. Or scream at a friend in an argument. Hell no – they can drunk dial you or scream at you – but you’ve matured from these actions. Dignified is your middle name. Dignified silences are powerful.

25. Everything falls into place
You know at 30 whether you are the settling down type, if you want marriage, if you want kids, if you want to be part of senior management, if you want to go freelance, start a business, move away…. you know the score. And it’s the time to put all these thoughts into practice.

26. You can treat yourself to expensive beauty items and the top hair stylists
Because you need it, technically, so it all makes sense. Want to spoil yourself with Giorgio Armani £40+ foundation, Chanel make-up removers and a colour and cut at Trevor Sorbie?

27. A cheese and wine night is allowed to be made a big deal
Whilst these little ‘arrangements’ might have been an everyday occurrence in your twenties with your housemates and other acquaintances on a Wednesday night, you’re now at the age where you can make these things into a big deal. Forget drinking sambuca shots at the club. Invite another couple round and indulge in cheese, wine, chutneys and a good film. And make it a real occasion.

28. You reflect more and appreciate everything
When you hit 30, it’s common you’ll have experienced loss, heartbreak and devastation. With this, you’ll appreciate your family more, you’ll look back on the good times often, and make quality time to think about people and do more thoughtful things. Would you randomly send a friend in a far away city a thinking of you card when in your early twenties? Or a thank you for always being there? Maybe not. A text or Facebook comment might have done the trick. In your 30’s, it’s more about keepsakes and little gestures. And it’s bloomin’ lovely.

29. You own your story
At 30, you’ve survived your teens and your twenties and should have experienced everything from happiness, loneliness, anxiety, depression (hopefully not for everyone!) and gratitude. You’ll have had some lucky wins, and then some really unlucky periods. But whats important is that you own your own story. You have tried and tested experiences, you’ve learnt what others can be like, you know what signs to look out for, and most importantly, you have this story to pass on. You’ve built up a collection of stories, so be proud of it and share it!

30. You’re still young enough to have so much more left to learn, explore and enjoy!
And that’s a great place to be at…

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