Common Accessorising Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Learning how to accessorise properly is so important when putting together outfits, but it’s a lot harder than people realise. When used in the right way, accessories can elevate and outfit and turn a few plain pieces into something special.

But if you get your accessories wrong, you can easily ruin an outfit, and it happens to a lot of people because they get a few basic things wrong. From over-accessorising to clashing the metals of jewellery, these are some of the most common accessorising mistakes that you need to avoid. 

Wearing the same jewellery with everything 

Jewellery is a great way to add some flair to an outfit and brighten up a plain dress or top. But so many people find that they end up in a bit of a jewellery rut and just wear the same thing with every outfit. The problem is, you need to match the jewellery to the outfit and the tone that you are going for, so there is no one size fits all solution.

For example, if you are wearing a simple black dress and you want a necklace, it’s best to go for something small and understated, perhaos with a small crystal drop earring or a stud.

But if you are wearing a floral summer dress, you can afford to go with something bold and colourful on your wrists or fingers. It’s so worth having a well stocked jewellery box with pieces for different occasions. 

Picking the wrong glasses for your face shape 

If you wear glasses, it’s important that you don’t just see them as a practical item and you consider them a fashion accessory like any other. If you want to look great, invest in some designer frames, like Prada glasses, instead of a cheap pair. But it’s also most important that you consider your face shape and find a frame that accents it well.

As a general rule, you should look for frames that are the opposite of your face shape, so if you have a round face, go for square frames. However, most people don’t fit perfectly into a specific face shape, so try out a few different frames before making your decision. Don’t be drawn to the most trendy style. A stylish pair won’t look stylish if it’s on my wrong face shape.

Using too many accessories

Sometimes, less is more when it comes to accessorising. Your accessories are there to accent your outfit and if you use too many accessories, your outfit will look crowded and they will become the main focus.

When choosing accessories, decide on one that will be a focal point and then keep it simple everywhere else. For example, if you are wearing a few chunky bracelets, maybe go for a simple necklace and earrings. If every single accessory is battling for focus, your outfit won’t look good. 

Wearing uncomfortable shoes 

Shoes are an important accessory and you should always pick something stylish that matches your outfit. However, people often make the mistake of choosing style over substance and wearing shoes that are uncomfortable just because they look the part. This is never a sensible move because you will soon start to regret it when your feet are in pain after an hour or two.

It’s so much better to find a balance between comfort and style, and there are plenty of comfortable shoes that look great. If you love wearing heels but simply can’t handle the feeling of stilettos, opt for chunkier block heels.

Always match your metals

This applies for jewellery, but in goes hand in hand with the finishings of your outfit. Say for example, you’re wearing a denim jacket, and the jacket has silver buttons. Try not to wear your favourite gold jewellery with this jacket, because although it may easily slip your mind, you’re clashing your finishings and details.

Take note when wearing shirts and dresses too – you’d be surprised how many items use metal details!

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