5 Reasons Not to Scrimp when Choosing a Handbag

Did you think your great taste in handbags was a guilty pleasure? If so, I have good news for you: your handbag is much more than a place to keep your car keys and mobile phone. Your handbag is a part of you when you’re walking around with it. It represents your personal look and style, and when wearing the right bag, you can feel super special.

If you were having second thoughts about that stunning leather handbag you had your eye on, we’ve got the reasons why splurging could ultimately result to saving.

Yes, you heard right. And of course, there are certain wardrobe items that are best bought cheap if you’re trying to stick to a tight budget. Having said that, your handbags, even the ones you use almost every day, are not among them.

Here are 5 reasons why you absolutely should spoil yourself.

1. Elegance is Evergreen

Don’t just take my word for it. Coco Chanel is famous for saying that while fashions may change, style is enduring. If you’ve ever picked up a marvelous piece from your granny or from forays to stores specializing in vintage clothing, you’ll know just how true that is. While fashions may be fickle, some things remain absolutely on-trend no matter how long they form part of your look.

Just take a look at these magnificent leather handbags from Lakeland Leather. From cute clutches to those awesomely practical bags that take everything but the kitchen sink, they have designer looks that will never date.

Great style stands the test of time, and luxurious materials like leather ensure that your handbags will make a style statement for decades to come.

2. Choosing Leather Means Sustainability

Setting aside the fact that plastic is turning into a massive global disaster for the environment, choosing a high-quality leather handbag has environmental benefits other than leather’s potential for biodegradability.

While vegetarians may be concerned about cattle and sheep farming as consumers of resources, nobody can deny that leather can last a lifetime. With a throw-away society being at the root of many of the world’s environmental issues, choosing durable materials and high-quality items is sustainable.

It’s entirely possible that your leather handbag will look lovely for decades. One of my favorite leather handbags once belonged to my grandmother. It still looks brand-new and you can bet it isn’t going to a landfill anytime soon.

3. Quality is Economical

Let’s be fair. A cheap handbag can look pretty. However, you can’t expect it to last all that long. When the price tag is small, there are always reasons why the manufacturers were able to sell the item for a low price. There are lots of places where they can cut costs, and every one of them equates to a shorter useable lifespan.

I’ve fallen for the cheap-but-cute items before, and I’ve (predictably but disappointingly) replaced them when they started to look ratty. Meanwhile, my “OMG that was expensive” bags are still going strong. From a budgetary perspective, choosing quality that lasts over cheap-and-cheerful and absolutely-disposable-within-a-year bags makes sense.

Buy once. Get it right. Pay for quality. In the long run, your bank balance will thank you!

4. Yes, it’s Luxurious – Everyone Else Can See That Too

You get bags, and then you get luxurious bags. The former are utilitarian items that carry stuff. Even a plastic shopping bag will do that for you, hence the term “bag lady.” Luxury bags, however, are in a different class. They will make a notable statement about your discernment and your taste. Nobody, but nobody, is going to think you anything other than a force to be reckoned with.

You probably know the importance of projecting an image that says you’re super-smart. The unspoken message is that you’re among the top people anyone wants to deal with, either professionally, or as a consumer. Socially, great style is a big help too – and who doesn’t like the mood-booster that comes from getting compliments?

Accessories, including bags, complement your look or even serve as a focal point. Think about the last time you complimented someone on their handbag. For me, it was when my friend sported a green leather sling bag with sleek lines I frankly coveted. Great design. Superb materials. These are the things that matter most and neither come cheap.

5. If it Makes You Feel Great, it’s Worth It!

Even if you aren’t worried about the environment or what other people may think of your image, you still like a little self-pampering. Sometimes, it’s worth remembering that no matter how much you adore your partner and your kids, you need to love yourself a little too.

That means spoiling yourself from time to time, and getting a basic collection of beautiful handbags could be part of that. After all, you’ll never leave home without one, so why not make it special so that you can feel great every single day? Now that’s worth its weight in gold!

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