How to Buy an Engagement Ring

Whether you’re already engaged or you’re about to be, preparing to purchase an engagement ring can be both a heady and happy experience. You’re in love, you’re excited—and, suddenly, you’re overwhelmed with the number of options you have!

Buying a diamond ring is an investment, and sometimes the steps that you have to take—from research to sizing through insurance—can be intimidating.

However, if you just take each step one at a time, it’s possible to focus on the excitement instead of getting overwhelmed.

Step One: Set a Budget

You definitely don’t want to have any regrets after the purchase—and a huge way that you can avoid that is simply not to overspend. Sit down with your bank statement and decide on an investment that works for you—and then exercise the self-control it takes to stick to your budget! Your future self—and your future spouse!—will thank you.

Remember too that jewellery stores and independent jewellers run sales and promotions away from ‘typical’ engagement seasons, like Valentines Day and Christmas Day. So it could be wise to shop outside of these periods for the best prices.

Step Two: Pick a Ring Style

From princess cut to twisted bands to stacking wedding sets, there’s certainly a different design for everyone! Try to remember that this is a good thing, and use your loved one’s style as a guide. If it’s not a surprise, definitely include them in the design process; if it is, talk to their friends to see if you can find something that will definitely be a hit.

Talking to ring experts, whether that be someone with experience online or a store proprietor, can also help. They’ve sold countless rings to happy couples and may have a tip or two to steer you in the right direction.

Bear in mind that there are so many shapes and cuts which need taking into account. Of course, you have the band to consider too. Diamond set, or plain white gold?

Step Three: Customize, Design, or Pick Out the Ring

You have many options here, from scoping out an online vintage design to working personally with a designer. If you decide to look at rings online, you have the benefit of looking at hundreds, if not thousands of different patterns and jewels to find something that suits your needs perfectly.

You might even be able to work with someone to has a bespoke ring made and shipped straight to your front door! Speaking of fitting perfectly, at this stage you should determine your partner’s ring size. If this isn’t an option, however, you can always take the ring you buy to a local ring manufacturer and have it re-sized.

Finally, consider whether you’ll want a set which includes an engagement and a wedding band. Sometimes these come together, and other times you’ll want to mix and match. Either way, once you’ve designed and picked out the ring, it’s just time for some paperwork.

Step Four: Purchase and Protect

Whether you pay for the ring in full or finance the purchase, make sure that you keep all of the related paperwork; if you decide to insure your ring against future loss or destruction, you’ll need to have all of that information. Keep everything filed away in a safe place!

The steps that go into buying a diamond ring can seem overwhelming. Focus on the joy of the experience and prioritize keeping everything else as simple as possible. Congratulations on your upcoming engagement, and good luck purchasing a beautiful diamond engagement ring!

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