4 Thoughtful Gifts That Always Make a Good Impression

Whether you know someone well or they’re a new acquaintance, choosing the right gift can be tricky. While it’s only natural to want to select the perfect present, putting too much pressure on yourself can lead to a misguided purchase.

As with most things, simplicity is often the key to great gift-giving, especially when you don’t know the person well. Whether it’s your boss’s birthday or you’re congratulating a new friend on their anniversary, these four universal, but undoubtedly thoughtful gifts, are sure to make a good impression! 

Before I go on to share these, I wanted to point out that although two of these are very traditional, classic, and as some might say, ‘boring’, they can actually be twisted up to be very personal and super thoughtful. Make sure you read on…

Gift Baskets

Whether you choose to make your own gift basket or order one pre-made, gift baskets make for fun and shareable gifts. And, you can order them for virtually any occasion, so you can say “Congratulations!”, “Thank you!”, or “Happy Birthday!” with a carefully curated basket brimming with goodies. 

If you choose to create your own gift basket, make sure you choose a theme and stick to it. From foodie baskets including fine wines and cheese (perfect for a picnic) or skin-care products (just what they need for an at-home spa day), you can find the right gift basket for anyone in your life.

Need to send a gift to someone overseas? Gift baskets are great for that too. Commonly referred to as care packages, you can send one to your family member who’s studying abroad or a friend who’s celebrating their birthday half-way across the world. The possibilities are virtually endless. 

Bouquet of Flowers 

A bouquet of flowers is anything but overdone. This classic gift can be romantic, congratulatory, or sentimental, depending on who and why you’re sending an arrangement. You have so much creative freedom when it comes to flowers. Don’t believe me?

Have a think about the person in question. If they have had a wedding, try to replicate a bouquet in their wedding flower scheme. It will provoke memories from their favourite day. If someone is having a hard time and needs cheering up, choose a colour popping bouquet filled with deep blues, bright pinks and colour clashing yellows. Honestly, these will make even the saddest of people smile.

When choosing a bouquet of flowers, you want to keep the occasion and your relationship with the recipient in mind. The better you know them, the more creative you can get. But, if they’re a professional acquaintance or new beau, you might want to stick with something that’s not likely to be misread (after all, you don’t want to be an imposition). On the other hand, if you’re sending an arrangement to your mom or best friend, you can choose a bouquet that truly captures their personality. And luckily, today, there are more options than ever thanks to special dyes, hybrid growing, and chic floral displays. 

Take your gift to the next level by choosing a decorative pot, macramé plant hanger, or terrarium filled with their favorite stones. The most important thing about ordering flower delivery for someone is making sure they receive it on-time, so make sure to plan ahead if this is your gift of choice. 

Bottle of Wine

For most people, a bottle of wine is a safe bet. However, you will want to employ tactfulness when considering alcohol as a present. By that I mean, make sure that they drink. Otherwise, it could make for an awkward moment when they open their gift. And, you want to try to find out what type of wine they prefer. This can be accomplished by simply asking them or a friend of theirs what their preference is. 

Typically, a bottle of wine (or other alcoholic beverage of their preference) is an excellent choice for a housewarming gift, in celebration of a promotion or graduation, or even for the hostess of a dinner party. If you’re not a drinker yourself, do some research before grabbing the first bottle on the shelf. 

To make a bottle of wine be a little more ‘wow’, give the gift of wine in the form of pairing. If you choose a French wine, add a crusty French baguette and French meats/cheese to go alongside it. Italian wine? Handmade pasta!

You can also pair your wine with chocolate or wine accessories, like a fancy bottle stopper or aerator. Or, you could even design a personalized bottle of champagne for them for a special touch.

Event Tickets 

Like gift cards, event tickets allow the recipient to indulge in something they enjoy, but with the added bonus of spending quality time with someone they care for. If you’re close with the individual, you could buy tickets for the two of you to go do something together. Otherwise, it’s best to give them both tickets. And, you don’t want to go overboard by spending an extravagant amount that might make them feel uncomfortable.  

Purchasing tickets for someone can be as simple as using Groupon to find a local event or class you think they’d be interested in, or as intricate as buying specific seats to a concert they’ve been wanting to see. 

Whichever gift you choose, I have no doubt that you’ll bring a smile to their face and make them feel appreciated with your thoughtful gesture.

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