Beauty: Twenty Skincare Tips I Learnt In My Twenties

This year, I turn 33. In fact, I turn 33 in just two weeks, and it feels like my 30th birthday literally just yesterday.

As a ‘sort of’ celebration to my new found older and wiser age (dying inside slightly but hey ho!) I wanted to put together a little round-up post based on beauty, but with more of a reflective angle.

I have been running this beauty blog for 9 and a half strong years, pretty much throughout the majority of my twenties. With that in mind, I wanted to put together a list of beauty tips I picked up in my twenties, and feel they are worthy of sharing.

There are a number of things I wish I had known back when I was around 23. So for all you under 30’s out there (I’m jealous, yep!) I’ve put together my list of ’20 beauty tips I learnt in my 20’s’.

Pull up a chair, and get reading…

Sugar is the devil

It really is the devil, but then again donuts taste so good, right? And more so – chocolate digestives do too. During my mid twenties, I used to abuse the fact I had a slim frame and fast metabolism and scoff around five chocolate digestive biscuits during the working day to give me energy.

Little did I realise how bad sugary and wheat based biscuits are for the skin. Once I reduced this habit, a lit of under the skin pimples left. Put that pack down…

Smoking is a no-no

Luckily, I never took up smoking, but I’ve seen the effects of years of it from friends and family. Yellow teeth, early signs of wrinkles and skin dehydration are all common results from smoking, not to mention little lines forming around the lips.

If you have already tried smoking and have it as your daily habit, do try to find an alternative to help you quit, for the sake of your skin if nothing else! Vaping is currently one of the most popular methods these days, with the rise of electronic cigarettes continuing to boom.

You can even get CBD e-liquid for electronic cigarettes now too, known for health benefits.

Apply moisturiser to the face as soon as you have cleansed

This is the time when your skin is the most receptive to your moisturier. When skin has been cleansed, pores are open, leaving the skin at it’s best stage for taking in the product. Try to apply your moisturiser within 5 minutes of cleansing for ultimate results.

Hyluaronic Acid is your friend

This should also be one of your beauty best friends. Don’t shy away from serums – I did this a lot during my twenties due to worrying about my oily skin. A good quality serum/face oil with hyluaronic acid in won’t make oily skin oilier. So stop saying it will!

Scientific studies have shown that HA improves skin hydration, stimulates production of collagen in skin, works as an antioxidant and free radical scavenger, maintains skin elasticity, cushions joints and nerve tissues, plus has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.  No other biological substance can retain as much water as HA, resulting in increased skin smoothness, softening and decreased wrinkles.

Clean your make-up brushes!

They really do contain so much bacteria. It isn’t a tough task – just use a gentle shampoo or natural soap and rinse them every two weeks. If you can’t sacrifice once every two weeks, then once a month is fine too. I would put off this task so often, but when you see the gunk that comes off the brushes… well, enough said.

Focus on fluids

Lemon and hot water, plain cold water, and green tea are natural skin loving drinks. Make sure you start getting into them during your twenties – especially with Green Tea. It can take a while to actually enjoy the taste of it. These all work to clarify your skin and flush out toxins.

If you start doing this early, you’ll notice the results. Do this late, and the results will appear much slower. I look back at the days in my twenties when I had a cup of ‘normal’ tea every two-three hours and cwish I had switched it up with a green tea (or hot water and lemon)…

Be wary of alcohol

Prosecco may only be 80 calories a glass, but the sugar content is ridiculous. So is that of lemonade, alcopops and white wine. Learn to enjoy tonic water, soda water and fresh lime and diet coke (OK I know this isn’t too great) as mixers, and try to have a couple more shorts and mixers rather than the previous mentioned.

Sugar plays havoc with the skin, cause premature aging. I’m not saying don’t consume alcohol (because that wouldn’t happen!) but just be conscious of your choices.

Give yourself facials

I learnt when I was 28 that you should treat your skin to a facial at least twice a month. OK so we can’t all afford to book in at a spa or salon for this, but we can do it ourselves at home.

Purchase a tried and trusted face mask, and save aside two evenings per month where you give yourself a deep clean, exfoliate, mask and moisturise to treat the skin.

The Dairy Dilemma

This doesn’t apply to everyone. I repeat – this doesn’t apply to everyone! But it does apply to me, and many others I have spoken with. I wish I had known that diary contributed to my acne whilst growing up (and during my 20’s). When I reduced my diary intake at the age of 26, my acne is completely reduced.

Try it from an early age if you struggle with breakouts (and soya/almond milk tastes just as good as cow’s milk when you get used to it!)

Beware of the tweezers

Only ever pluck the hairs underneath your brows. Pluck them above and you start to lose the natural shape. Plus, everyone has a natural shape that needs bringing out, and this can be created from plucking the hairs underneath the brow shape.

In a few years time, the hairs you plucked from above the line may stop growing back, and you could be left with over-plucked, over-thin eyebrows.

Take your vitamins

As much as concentrating on a balanced diet is important, you can’t go wrong with taking a multivitamin to support your health.

I only started taking a skin, hair and nail supplement from being around 26, but noticed the huge improvement within nail and hair growth. The earlier you start, the more your body will reap the awards.

Know your face shape

Oh the many years I spent taking a photograph of a celebrity with a super cute hairstyle into the hairdressers, and asking the stylist to re-create the look. Whilst a blunt cut fringe may look sharp on the small point face of Reese Witherspoon, it didn’t look so great with my round shape face.

The earlier you recognise your face shape and work out the best hairstyles which suit the shape, or the best make-up, the earlier you can ensure you look our very best, avoiding the errors!

Dry shampoo the night before

So many of us enjoy spraying on good old Batiste Dry Shampoo to the roots of our hair, absorbing the grease. But did you know it actually works much better when sprayed onto roots the night before? Spray on just before you go to bed, massaging in at the root.

When you wake up in the morning, the hair has adsorbed the powder formula through the night, creating a clean and volumised look first thing in the morning. Try it – it’s a super quick and stress free way to wake up with full bodied hair!

Retinol Retinol Retinol

If you want to focus on anti-aging from early on, use skincare products that contain retinol. It really is one of the only proven ingredients to night creams and spot creams that really does work to slow down aging, gently ease wrinkle appearance and promote healthy, youthful skin. Don’t believe me? Research it.

Wear your retainer

When you have that fixed brace removed (sometimes known as a train tack brace!) remember to wear the retainer you are given afterwards on an ongoing basis. Especially when under the age of 25. Your teeth will move back if not.

Scotch tape trick

Struggle with eyeshadow application when it comes to creating a neat blended line? Just place scotch tape diagonally at the end of your eyelid, and apply eyeshadow as normal. When you remove the tape, you’ll notice a neat shape to the outer corner of your eyeshadow.

Utilise highlighter

When I look back at photographs of me in my early twenties, I can’t help but notice the lack of face shaping due to my rather flat makeup. Learn how to highlight the parts of your face which need bringing out, and to shade the areas which could benefit ‘hiding’. A light highlighting powder on the tops of the cheeks, under the brow bone, in the corners of the eyes and on down the center of the nose can really brighten up and give you a mini face-lift effect.

Old toothbrushes and eyebrows

I learnt when I was 25 that using an old toothbrush to groom brows is one of the best hidden beauty secrets. The bristles work really well to groom, brush and shape the brow hairs, leaving brow hairs lying flat and smooth to the face. Honestly – it’s the best eyebrow grooming tool I’ve ever used. And the cheapest!

Downward strokes

Remember that we all have hairs on our face – some more than others. Also apply foundation and powder in downward stroke so that the hairs lie flat. Applying fluid foundations with a brush upwards will only make the hairs look more noticeable.

Be sun savvy

It’s a known fact, but staying safe in the sun really does benefit your skin. I recently had a skin analysis at Elemis and was so surprised at the amount of damage and pigmentation I have due to sunbeds over the years.

The time I spent in Australia sunning my face also didn’t help much either. It really does cause premature aging, so please stay away from the sunbeds at the earliest age possible!

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