4 Ways To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

The trend in living a more energy efficient life is becoming bigger than ever.

In this day and age, people are looking to find ways that they can be more energy efficient, due to lots more knowledge and education around the topic. I for one have opened my eyes up to energy consumption and the environment more this year than ever before.

Running an energy efficient home is one of the key ways to conserve energy and reduce unnecessary energy consumption. If you know how, everyone can become involved and learn how to prevent energy waste, without spending too much money on changes.

Here are a few things that I have on my list to try and change this year, to start living a much more energy efficient lifestyle at home:

Consider Replacing Your Windows and Doors

One of the reasons you can lose heat all year round is through your windows and doors. This can be detrimental when it comes to your energy costs over the year. Houses with older windows and frame tend to let a lot of air out, due to cracks and worn out frames. Lots of older windows don’t tend to be double-glazed either. If this is the current situation in your home,
get in contact with local window installers for quotes to upgrade to high quality uPVC or aluminium windows to make your home more energy efficient (and save you money in the process!)

The same can be said for doors, too. Entry doors are often a home’s showpiece, but older homes may use wood fixtures which can leak both air and heat, contributing to significant losses in energy costs over time.

For a more energy efficient door, look at uPVC door options. These can have slimmer sight lines, and can triumph over older doors by lowering energy bills, carbon footprints and exterior noise. Look for a local supplier, so for example, if you live in Wolverhampton, you would look for uPVC doors in Wolverhampton.

Consider Solar Panels

If you can afford it, solar panels may be a great investment for your home. You can have them installed on your rooftop, and believe it or not they can actually help to cut down on your electricity costs because it helps you to be able to produce your own electricity.

This is something to consider, especially when you think about the fact that they are so cost effective. It isn’t for everyone, but as we get further into the green movement you will begin to see many more people opting to choose solar panels to be installed at their home.

Look for Energy Efficient Appliances

If you are shopping for new appliances to help make your home more energy efficient, look for appliances that have the HE logo. Energy star certified appliances use less energy, and while they may cost you a bit more in the beginning it is much more of an investment for you. This is because it will save you money over time when it comes to running your appliances.

Switch off Gadgets when not in use

An idle printer, desktop computer, microwave ovens and coffee makers equipped with LED clocks running all night when not in use, do consume power. Switch them off when you don’t need them immediately. Even try to switch off your fridge when you are planning to go away from home for a long time (don’t have food in it that will rot!)

These small savings will eventually turn to big savings once you calculate the amount of energy saved by the end of the year.

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1 Comment

  1. Janine
    May 14, 2019 / 9:50 pm

    Good advice, Emma.
    I think a subsidy was available towards the cost of solar panels, but I’m not sure if it is still the case.
    You have reminded me : I have a very old chest freezer, and it must be quite inefficient, I think. In summer, the motor runs constantly. So I must look into replacing it!
    Thanks Emma!
    Janine xx

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