Beauty: Skinny Tan Salon Effects Spray Review

Global self-tanning favourite, Skinny Tan, is back with a fantastic new product, Salon Effects Spray, and I’m super excited because I’ve actually been a huge fan of the brand for the past few months. I recently discovered their products back in May/June time, and have religiously been using their Gradual Tan (which you can read about here) a couple of times a week to keep a golden glow.

Now that their newest product is available (exclusively in Superdrug) I decided to give this one a go too! 

In a nutshell, it’s a vegan-friendly Salon Effects Spray, available in two shades, which I opted for Original (the other shade is ‘dark’). I went for ‘original’ because my biggest nightmare is spraying a tan onto my body to realise its way too dark for my skintone, and then I have to try and blend in a dark shade. However, with a lighter one, I can just layer up and gradually add more to get the desired effect. Much more safer for me!

I was overly happy to notice that its deliciously scented – straight away that makes a huge difference for me. I wouldn’t say I enjoy the tanning process, I tend to always be rushing, so when you know a product smells foul you’re likely to put it off altogether. However this is just a delight to use.

As it’s designed like a professional, airbrush tanning spray that you can use at home, its really easy to use and doesn’t need much instruction. It’s packed with naturally-derived actives, as well as skin-smoothing oils and guarana for firming, so when the tan sprays out from the the super fine, multi-directional airbrush nozzle, its fast, easy, and literally IMPOSSIBLE to streak!

A few tips I’d give is that if you want flawless blending, use a Skinny Tan Dual Mitt, although I skipped this bit and was still happy with the tan coverage. I applied two layers, and thoroughly enjoyed the natural, subtle glowing tan which blurred out leg and arm imperfections too.

The photos below are from the first time I used it, wearing a beige off shoulder dress to enhance the smooth tan…

Even though it’s coming into Autumn and Winter and its ten times colder, it’s actually the season where I tend to bare more flesh than any other! With Halloween, Christmas, New Year, the annual works party and all those festive parties, to me its dress season, and usually one where I need to take good care of my legs and arms, so false tan gets just as much use here than through the Spring/Summer.

I’ve actually started my occasion dress shop now, starting with this beige off shoulder bodycon style. I was worried it would wash me out a little, so it’s definitely one that needs the tan!

Mini dresses aside, I’m trying to add a few more knee length dresses and maxi styles to my collection for this years party season. I’ve recently come across an online retailer called Yoox, which retails more of the premium fashion brands, like Dior, Marni, Acne Studios and Jil Sander. The dresses may be a little pricier, but this festive period, I really want to start owning some more classic, timeless and premium dresses.

I’ll give myself another month to save up, and armed with my new tan, I’m going to be party season ready in no time!

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