Beauty: Skinceuticals H.A Intensifier Review

If you sometimes read my beauty and skincare reviews, you may remember a time when I went Skinceuticals crazy. I discovered the Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 product and I couldn’t control myself. I still swear by this moisturising treatment cream to this day: it plumps, smooths and glosses my skin like no other (review is over here!).

I’m yet to fall in love like that again.

However, it’s a pricey skincare product, but one I feel deserves to be priced high. All of Skinceuticals products are professionally developed and created to make noticeable changes to the skin, and I can honestly, hand on heart swear by the differences and improvements the Triple Lipid brought along.

When others compliment you on your skin, you know somethings right. But anyway, I’m here today to talk to you about the H.A Intensifier – a Skinceuticals serum which has been designed to amply the skins hyaluronic acid levels, resulting in smoother, firmer skin with long lasting hydration and improved texture.

Skinceuticals H A Intensifier serum is formulated to support your skins hyaluronic acid levels by 30%, and if you’ve been switched on in the beauty and skincare world for the past year or so, you’ll know that hyaluronic acid is BIG news.

It’s literally the key ingredient that women (especially when aging) are using when their skin experiences a decline in hyaluronic acid levels, and production begins to decline.

We don’t naturally produce this incredible ingredient forever, and when it lowers, it brings on a loss of firmness, smoothness and facial fullness. The decline starts in your 20’s and accelerates in to your 40’s – making this product great for all ages.

Especially me, at the age of 31 and starting to really stress about dull, dry, lined skin.

The H A Intensifier contains a high concentration of hyaluronic acid, proxylane and botanical extracts of purple rice and liquorice that work together to deliver the highest amount of hydration to your skin. When applying it, I simply just apply 4 to 6 drops to the palm of the hand and dab onto my forehead, cheeks, chin, and neck twice a day, morning and night.

I lightly blend the product into my skin, and it absorbs really quickly, without any greasiness. It’s a lightweight serum that smells nicer than the C E Ferulic, and I tend to apply it after cleansing and after my serum. Or sometimes, if I’m not applying makeup, I’ll use it on its own.

For moisturiser days, I use this as the last product on my skin, so on top of the H.A Intensifier.

One of the reasons I jumped to review this product (as well as genuinely being a Skinceuticals fan and wanting to discover more after the Triple Lipid loving), is because one of its key highlights it to improve the appearance of crows feet and fine lines, resulting in a more refined complexion.

Fine lines and crows feet are my main concern at the moment, so I’m looking forward to treating them with this product!

As it is said to amplify the skins hyaluronic acid levels by 30%, I’m certainly seeing drastic improvements to how nourished and hydrated my skin now feels.

I’ve been using it for around 3 weeks, and those peaky dry patches and it’s usual tight, taunt texture has totally softened, resulting to a healthier, moisturised complexion.

I’m looking forward to continuing to use it daily to start seeing improvements across my crow’s feet area and fine lines for smoother, firmer skin. I’m feeling so far like its a pretty good product to sneak in after cleansing and before applying moisturiser to really work as that treatment product.

A 30 ml bottle costs around £85, but I can imagine it will last a super long time as a little goes a long long way!

You can purchase from SkinCeuticals UK site, and retailers such as John & Ginger and Derma Care Direct.

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