Beauty: I Got Hairtalk UK Extensions and Here’s My Thoughts…

I have some pretty exciting news on the blog today – I’m currently into my second week of enjoying long, luscious hair extensions!

If you follow me on my social channels or over at my vlog, you may have seen that I magically have much longer, thicker hair. Yep, I dived into the world of hair extensions – the first time I have ever experimented with ‘real’ ones, instead of the clip in ones I’ve played around with over the years.

First of all before I go into these amazing hairtalk UK Extensions, take a little look at my before photos…

My hair has always been fine, and it literally just hangs limp and lifeless at all times. I even blow dry my hair with my head tipped upside down to try and get as much movement and volume into in, but I fail every time because it’s so naturally flat!

When I was approached about trying out a new brand of hair extensions that work by being taped to the hair, I was instantly intrigued. As mentioned, I’ve never tried anything other than clip in, so I was a little anxious about having tape-in extensions that would last around 8 weeks if I looked after them properly.

I knew I really wanted to try them, so anxiety to one side, I headed along to the Pro Hair Live show in Manchester to meet up with Shelley, my lovely stylish who was going to apply the hairtalk extensions.

In a nutshell, hairtalk UK Extensions apply to the hair via an ultra thin tape extension system, that uses a hair friendly bond in a variety of colours and styles.

Whether you are looking for added length, volume, style or colour, hairtalk UK hair extensions are able to suit your needs. For me, it was volume and thickness, but I had longer lengths put in too so I’m currently rocking a super long hair look!

To say I had around 3-4 rows applied, they aren’t heavy at all and I can hardly feel any weight. I felt it slightly on the first day or two, but now they just feel so lightweight! Literally can’t believe how much they change up my look and improve the overall look and feel of my hair, without feeling any weight or discomfort.

Since leaving Pro Hair Live, I’ve done quite a bit of extra research into these hairtalk hair extensions just so I can understand more about my hair journey with them.

They have been created to be virtually undetectable, where the tape sits so flat to the head and blends seamlessly into the hair, unlike traditional extensions that require the use of heat, bonds, metal rings. I certainly notice that they are completely discreet!

They say if you look after them you get around 6 – 8 weeks wear out of them, in which a visit back to salon sees them quickly and easily removed, and re-applied to keep your own hair and extensions in optimum condition. However, they say if you are super careful with them, there’s nothing stopping you getting 10 weeks out of them.

To care for hair extensions, you need to use sulphate-free hair products, so I’ve started to use the milk_shake range of hair products which are meant to be great for cleansing and conditioning hair extensions. I remember using milk_shake a few years ago and loving them, so when I was advised by Shelley to use these again, I jumped at the chance.

I’m currently washing my hair with the milk_shake Energising Blend Shampoo, and conditioning with the milk_shake Energising Blend Conditioner, which both come in at around £16.99 for a 300ml bottle. Afterwards, I use the most loveliest hair product I think I may have ever used, the milk_shake Whipped Cream Leave in Conditioner, which costs £16.79.

As you can see from the photos, longer, thicker hair is suiting me quite well! I’ve also filmed a couple of YouTube videos whilst I’ve had the extensions in, so you can have a little look at what they look like in ‘real life’ if you like. I’ve inserted my first, play around vlog below (the settings weren’t set up properly so it’s a little squashed together – I’ve got better since!) which shows what they look like straight after having them fitted.

I’ll let you know how I get on with having them removed, as that process will be a new one for me. But in the mean time, I’m going to continue to enjoy swishing my hair back and forwards and having amazing hair!

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