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You may have noticed that recently, has been including lots of natural skincare products and beauty tips, avoiding the use of products filled with acids and skin-stripping ingredients. As part of attempting to eat cleaner (I have failed this week guys, sorry!) I have also been trying to limit the use of chemicals and harsh products on my skin. It’s difficult, as I sometimes suffer from the odd breakout in which a range of acids can really help. However, for now it’s all about handmade and organic.

organic skincare
Imagine my joy at coming across Forever Me Skincare – an organic handmade skincare brand using only Jojoba, Geranium, Chamomile, Lavendar, Almond Oil, Rose, Calandula, Cocoa Butter and Grapefruit Seed Extract. All powerful, natural ingredients with amazing healing, calming, moisturising and cleansing properties. I have been trying out the Calming Rose Cleanser, Refreshing Rose Toner and the Enriching Rose & Jojoba Moisturiser , which all use the finest natural ingredients combined with a base of rose water and Jojoba oil. Experts regard Rose to be a gentle soothing ingredient whilst jojoba oils have brilliant skin conditioning properties. So far, these have been extremely gentle to use, with a beautiful fresh scent, and leaving me with revitalised skin which looks super clean and feels smooth to touch.

organic skincare
I have only just started using these products, so I will let you know with continued use if I find they effectively calm any redness or clear up any breakouts that come up. If you have really sensitive skin, or just want to give yourself a break from using anything harsh in your skincare regime, then I’d really suggest looking at switching to a skincare product routine which incorporates the natural ingredients mentioned above. Rose water is fast becoming a ‘biggy’ – so jump on the organic trend now if you wish to give your skin a well deserved break, and a treat of course!

You can find these products at Forever Me Skincare, but keep an eye out on the blog as I will giving away some of these beauties soon for you to try!

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