Beauty: Perfect Pink Lips Review

So my latest post was about my top two eyebrow pencils to create easy, shaped brows. I chose a contrast of two – a budget, high street retailer brand Rimmel, and MAC, a more prestigious department store brand at a more premium retail price. In today’s post, I wanted to review two products which work fantastically together to create the perfect summer pink lips! Nothing looks more girly and feminine than glossy popping pink lips, so I have fused together the lovely Candy Yum-Yum matte lipstick shade from MAC (£15.50) and the Glitter and Ice Lipglass (£14.50), also from MAC!

The Candy Yum-Yum shade glides on really nice and leaves a subtle sweet pink shade on the lips, along with a matte finish. What I love about MAC lipsticks is that they stay put and there is no shifting them once they are on, no matter how often you may lick your lips or drink from glasses! I must own approx 200 lipsticks, and some of them sit in the creases and start fading off within an hour. This particular one from MAC does not! If you want to opt for a shimmery, glossy pout but still using the matte MAC lipstick, then this is where the Glitter and Ice gloss comes in handy. Just one application of this coats lips fully and adds a gorgeous shiny sheen. It does feel slightly thick, but once lips are rubbed together, the sticky feeling fades and you are left with lustrous sheeny lips!

I went out into Manchester last night and coated my lips with both these MAC shades and it really completed my make up look. The perfect girly pout!

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