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If you have been clued up into the beauty industry and latest trends for the past year, you’ll know that brows are back, and the eyebrow grooming business is booming! Its a little bit rubbish for those unfortunate to have over plucked or naturally thin, pale eyebrows, as big, bushy dark shaded eyebrows are now ‘the latest’. This is amazing news for me – I am one of those who had to over pluck for years as I am naturally fair haired however seem to have dark eyebrows that could be a lot bigger if I let them grow! However, my over plucking never stopped them growing, so I’ve been able to embrace the trend and let mine be more natural again!

For those not so lucky, this is where eyebrow pencils come in to shape and fill in the gaps. Not only do perfectly groomed, thicker eyebrows stand out more, they also frame your face and can ‘lift’ your face slightly and create a neater look. They can also make blue or pale green eyes stand out more as the dark brown shade contrasts with the pale. If I am to recommend the ultimate eyebrow pencil, I have one very favourite that I swear by, and this is Lingering Eyebrow Pencil by MAC, costing £13.50.


However, this is not a cheap option, and if you are shaping and colouring your brows everyday, you will go through this pencil fairly quickly. So whilst I was travelling Australia, I found a cheaper option which I would rate as my number two essential, and this is the Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown. It even comes complete with an eyebrow comb on its lid, so hats off to Rimmel as the MAC option doesn’t come with this. And such a steal at £2.99!


So now I treat you to a picture of my face (not usually a fan of posting myself on the blog!) using the Rimmel pencil, only filling in the inner corners of my eyebrows as mine don’t need shading or much shaping, but it’s just to demonstrate the softness and how it blends in with your natural brow colour. The pencil is really easy to use, and due to it being so soft and blendable, a small smudge goes a long way!

emma campbell

For £2.99 this is an absolute beauty steal and it works just as well as my fave MAC option. So if your on a beauty budget, why not check this pencil out? An eyebrow pencil is an essential for your beauty bag for 2014 and 2015, so you may as well invest in a decent recommendation!


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