Beauty: My John Lewis Signature Scent

Everyone has a signature scent, right? And by that, I mean a fragrance that we like to wear as our ‘staple scent’ – the one we reach for on most days and like our friends and family to associate as ‘my scent’,

I certainly have one, and I’ve had it for soooo long now. Over the years, I add new additions to my perfume shelf, usually ones I really start to like, but every Christmas and Birthday I still ask for my signature scent: Givenchy Hot Couture.

I bet there’s only a very small few of you who know if it. It’s pretty old and I first started wearing it back in 2006 when I was in second year uni!

One of the reasons I stay faithful to it is because it’s a strong bodied, dominating scent which only needs 2-3 spritzes and it can be smelt by those around me. Which is possibly why I love it: 86% of perfume wearers like to be able to smell their own fragrance, but once you’ve worn it regularly over a period of time, you get so used to it that you can’t enjoy it any more!

That’s definitely the case for me. I wear it because I know people can usually smell it strongly (my Mum has commented on it various times!) but I have to admit, I get itchy feet with it over the years because I simply can’t smell it anymore.

John Lewis have listened to perfume wearers feelings, and have set up some help for us ladies to find a new signature scent. One we can fall in love with all over again, rediscover a new scent, enjoy wearing a fresh fragrance, and to just get us out of our perfume ruts!

As John Lewis challenged me to find a new signature scent, I told the buyers about my trusty old favourite, and what I love about it, and what I have started to dislike about it too. They presented me with Gucci Guilty Absolute Pour Femme Eau de Parfum, which I was super interested to try because although I’ve sampled Gucci fragrances before, I’ve never owned one.

Was I going to love it more than my traditional, long term faithful friend Givenchy Hot Couture? Lets see…

Firstly, I’m one of those who cares about the appearance of her perfume bottles, and I always like the clear, modern looking glass bottles with gold or silver lids, giving that premium look. Gucci’s Guilty Absolute was a light purple bottle – a new thing for me to bring colour to my perfume shelf – so a big change for me already before even spraying it!

From the first spritz, I realised why John Lewis picked this for me. It’s strong, it’s empowering, and it’s long-lasting. Just how I like them. However, it is fruitier than my usual type, but not in the super girly, light and bouncy fruity way, like a deep, muskier, richer fruity scent. Blackberries are the key note here, and I have to say it’s a real lovely scent!

I’d describe it as warm and woody, fruity and deep, with redcurrants and blackberries mixed up in a powdery scent. It’s feminine but not ‘flimsy’, and I can see myself wearing this on a daily basis. Which means that John Lewis picked well!

Will it suit me more than my old favourite? Well, it’s pricier for sure, as a 90 ml bottle will set you back around £79 at John Lewis. And it terms of having that luxury, premium ‘smell’, I’d say it sits level with Hot Couture.

However, it’s much more modern, and it’s taking on a new fruitier angle for me which I’m more than ready for. It’s a new year, and I’m happy to make a new fragrance change!

Apologies for the no make up photo below – but I’m pretty happy to conclude this post by saying that John Lewis picked very well. With Gucci Guilty Absolute, I get the benefit of wearing a strong and dominating scent, keeping with my feminine, girly tones, but with a new fruitful angle.

What’s your signature scent? Have you had any experiences – good or bad – when it comes to switching them up? Do let me know!

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