Beauty: How Sleep Can Affect Your Beauty

‘Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’ is a really subjective quote. I mean, something is either plainly beautiful or it’s not. But when the same guys talk of ‘beauty sleep’, here I totally concur with them.

I mean, science has already proven that this is actually a thing – not some made up way of getting kids to sleep. Sleep is good for your skin, for your brain and for your heart. It’s no wonder they say,“A good day is seen in the morning.”

It is even pushed nowadays to invest in power naps when your body needs an extra boost. Some say that 20 minutes is the ideal power nap length, but it really does differ from person to person.

What You Need to Know About Your Sleep

I’ve always been keen on learning how to get better sleep. So many things can get in the way, from an over-active mind, to physical aches and pains.

Physicians’ statistics show a record number of patients in the recent years who suffer from back pains and other body discomforts. This leads them to a state of frequent tiredness which can easily be reflected by their behaviour in the workplace and during the day.

I’ve heard that seeing a chiropractor is highly recommended for this, which is a holistic approach to both pain and well-being.

Understand the Sleep Cycle

Doctors suggest that humans generally go through 4 sleep cycles each taking 90 minutes. This is why your doc will go ahead to advise you to have a daily sleep of a minimum of 6 hours and a maximum of 8 – we don’t want to overdo things now, do we? Nevertheless, extending the 6 hour cycle is just as harmful as shrinking the time period.

The first two cycles are basically where you’re asleep but still awake – half asleep. This is light sleep and pretty easy to get up from. The other two stages are where you enter deep sleep. Your body functioning and processes get re-established as your cells experience regeneration. Now, if you get used to interfering with the full cycle, you tend to disrupt the processes in place. Do I need to tell you what you end up doing to your skin?

Your Posture Vs Your Bed

The best bed practices require you to line up your sleeping style with your mattress. This will prevent you from having nighttime discomforts with tosses and unending turns. In general, there are three sleeping positions: the back, the stomach and, you guessed it right – the side sleepers.

The back and stomach sleepers require a relatively firm surface with the tummy sleepers recommended going for firmer ones. The side sleepers should seek the top mattresses which will allow for proper contouring with their bodies – a softer one will work just fine.

So How Does Beauty Come Into The Picture?

Having problems with wrinkles? Good sleep is one of the answers. This is because, during the repair process, skin sagging is greatly minimised.

Blood circulation is at its best once you’ve followed proper sleep habits and done your ‘daily 6.’ This invigorates and rejuvenates the skin giving you that look young skin for the longest time. Knowing this, I’m sure you won’t be depriving your lovely ass of any sleep.

With better sleep, puffy eyes are a menace of the past. Remember when I said you’ll notice a non-sleeper at first sight? When blood isn’t flowing properly at night, it will collect under the thin layer of the skin region of ones’ eyes.

Did you know hair breakage could be a result of insufficient ZzzzZs? Still, the blood-flow concept applies here. Blood is basically food to your hair, and once it’s not supplied in the required amounts, nasty hair is the resultant effect.

The advantages you get with a good healthy sleep will last you a lifetime. In fact, you set yourself on the road for a longer life. Quoting Shakespeare’s great words in The Tempest: “We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded on sleep.” No need to be mean to yourself. Darling, it’s time for bed now!

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