Beauty: Flicky Ponytail Hair Piece From Stranded International

If you’ve watched any of my YouTube videos or Instagram stories, you’ll see that I play around and experiment with hair extensions quite often. Normally the clip-in kind, because I get really frustrated when actual hair extensions start to grow out.

I’ve only had tape-in extensions fitted once, and after a month, they started to peel away from the hair slightly, sticking out of my hair. It’s probably just me and my ‘fine hair girl’ problems, but either way, I’ve turned to clip in extensions for the foreseeable.

But this time, I’ve got my hands on something a little bit different…

Introducing Stranded International and their Flicky Ponytail Clip-in Hair Piece, which I now have in length medium (they do a short, medium and long). The team at Stranded International had a close look at the tones and shade of my hair, and colour matched me to a shade called ‘Iris’.

I’ve never worn a clip-in hair piece before, especially one that is a gorgeous, soft flicky wave ponytail.

It’s so thick – I was actually surprised at how thick the weft actually was when it arrived. But it works out perfectly because the clip that it is fixed to is a chunky, strong holding clip which firmly secures the ponytail to my natural hair.

I was really impressed with the quality of the hair for the affordable £19.99 price – plus the hair is heat resistant so you can feel free to apply straighteners of curling wands to it. You can even give the ponytail a little blow dry too if needed!

I was slightly worried it would be tricky to apply, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Stranded’s heat resistant medium flicky ponytail is simple and easy to attach as you have a choice between 2 fitting methods. You can either use the claw clip and clip it straight onto your hair (which I described below) or, you can remove the claw clip and attach the ponytail around your hair and secure it with the drawstring provided for a closer attachment.

I haven’t done this one yet – I’ve been using the claw clip but I’m going to give the other method a go this weekend!

The medium length sits at approximately 16 inches, and is heat resistant up to 180 degrees. These ponytails come available in 30 natural looking shades to choose from , and weigh approximately 170 grams.

Stranded International have put together a super easy to follow guide showing you exactly how to fix this ponytail piece to your own hair, over on their blog here.

How have I never used one of these before! You could literally just scrape your hair up into a bun, and then clip in this sassy, stylish ponytail and look like you’ve stepped out of the salon.

The beauty of mine is that the colour match is so exact, it couldn’t be any closer to my current hair shade. This makes it look super natural – but just like I’ve had a mega good hair day!

Stranded International do lots of other types of hair extensions and hair pieces as well as this Flicky Ponytail. They offer human weft extensions, clip in hair extensions, half head weaves, wigs, crown pieces and all sorts! But the best bit is that I have a unique 20% off code: enter EMMA20 at the checkout until 30th November to save 20% off your entire order!

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  1. October 10, 2018 / 1:27 am

    Wonderful! Looking perfect!

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