AVON X CoppaFeel! For Breast Cancer Awareness

In line with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, AVON and CoppaFeel! have launched their first ever digital breast cancer education tool.

Beauty giant AVON and breast cancer charity CoppaFeel! have launched a unique digital learning tool, CoppaCollege. The online tool is the next evolution of their commitment to educating women across the UK about the signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

Before I get into exactly what it is, here are some findings revealed by Avon in regards to Breast Cancer:

• Over a quarter of women admit to not knowing how to check their breasts for signs of breast cancer

• 30% of women check their breasts on a monthly basis

• 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime

• In females in the UK, breast cancer is still the most common cancer

• The free digital tool CoppaCollege aims to educate thousands of women on the signs and symptoms to be aware of and empower them to check their breasts

What is CoppaCollege?

CoppaCollege was developed following research that revealed a quarter of women still aren’t sure how to check their breasts. Just 30% check their breasts on a regular monthly basis, with the main barrier to checking being knowledge of the signs and symptoms and knowing what to look for.

CoppaCollege is the first e-learning tool for a UK breast cancer charity, allowing women to access a ‘boobipedia’ of information about the risks, signs and symptoms and where to seek advice and help.

The tool will also enable CoppaFeel! to expand its training capabilities for its team of Boobettes – women under the age of 35 who share breast health awareness having had cancer, a scare themselves or a strong connection with the disease.

Using their stories, they inspire other people to think differently about their lives and bodies, educating about the importance of getting to know your boobs now and making it a life-long habit.

In my opinion, Avon’s support for CoppaCollege is perfectly placed. Everyone is online these days, and most people prefer to seek information online or via social media than any other way.

CoppaCollege continues AVON’s 25 year Breast Cancer Promise – to ensure women throughout the UK are breast health aware. The tool is the first initiative to fall under the brand’s global Pink Light Project, which seeks to reach 50 million women across the world to ensure they know the risks, know the signs and know where to get help when faced with breast cancer.

AVON have also created two gorgeous products which truly give back. 50% of the proceeds from the sale of every t-shirt and necklace will be donated to CoppaFeel! supporting AVON’s mission to improve breast cancer awareness.

The t-shirt is £10, including a £5 donation. The Boob Necklace is £5, with £2.50 donation, available at avon.co.uk.

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