Beauty: Five Beauty Treatments Essential For The Summer

It’s the Bank Holiday Weekend and I’m sooooo happy we have warmer temperatures. It’s finally Summer, but the question is: are you ready for summer?

When you think about prepping for summer, do you imagine countless days in the gym? Or perhaps you daydream about hours of sundress shopping? While slimming down for bikini season and refreshing your wardrobe are essential for your summer “To Do” list, there are others that are just as important: beauty treatments.

It may not the the one we stress about the most, so you could say it’s quite an enjoyable one. But just remember – no matter how fab your abs are or how chic your two-piece looks, it will be all for nothing if paired with, say, furry, pale legs.

See, the truth is we all slack off on our beauty treatments (especially skin) during the winter. Well I do for sure. I’ll be honest – I can go weeks without shaving my legs! Yep yep, gross, I hear you. Understandably, 90% of you is safely tucked away under layers of clothing.

I always wish I had trained up in beauty as well as makeup, because lets face it, Summer would be one hell of a busy work season. Waxing, tinting, spray tans, facials, body treatments, barbering… everyone ups their efforts in these areas over the Summer months, and if you know a friend who is trained in these, you’re in luck.

But then spring appears and summer shortly after, and we’re left playing catch up on our skin care routine. But not this year. this year, I’m reminding you!

Imagine if you were skilled up in them too. You would be inundated in bookings as women (and guys too!) rush to get themselves prepped for baring their bodies. If you’re keen on learning all about cosmetology and beauty, you can find out more information about cosmetology school here. Eyelashes is always an area I’d like to train up in as a ‘side hustle’ come to think of it…

Anyway, lets crack on. To ensure you look gorgeous from head-to-toe, I’ve rounded up the five key beauty treatments you should start on now to be all prepped for summer.

Spray Tanning

This has been a particularly long winter, so unless you were lucky enough to fit in a quick holiday at some tropical destination recently, we’re betting your complexion is just slightly warmer than a vampire’s. Rather than looking like a corpse on your first beach trip, mist yourself with a light dose of self-tanner for a subtle, healthy glow.

Book in at your local beauty salon for either a light, medium or dark spray tan, depending on your natural skin tone.

Hair Removal

No one is judging you if you slacked on waxing or shaving for the last four or so months. But now is the time to get back on track. After all, nothing complements a short skirt or shorts like smooth, hair-free legs. One simple way to get them is just to indulge in at-home shaving or a DIY wax, but lets face it, the results last 48 hours tops.

Book in for your pre-holiday wax, and get that bikini line, legs and underarms done for smooth, silky skin.


My favourite Summer treatment! An easy way to get a sun-kissed effect, even if you haven’t seen an ocean in two seasons, is adding a few strategically placed golden streaks in your hair. Highlights are also a great option for those gals looking for a seasonal makeover but who don’t want to get a dramatic cut or a full colour change.

You can opt for bleach blended into warmer/cooler blonde tints for a nice lift, or just play around with soft highlights for a more gentle effect.

Manicure and Pedicure

True, you can indulge in a mani/pedi all year-round, but if there is one time you should definitely do it it’s sandal season. Plus, it will give you an excuse to try out some daring neon hues you wouldn’t normally paint on your fingertips.

I’ll be honest, I neglect my toenails through the Winter, so it’s nice to book in for a pedicure once May arrives. I’d even recommend gel nails on your toes to match your nails – so lovely!

Facial Peel/Deep Exfolitation Treatment

Your skin will have spent the Winter being dry and scaly (yuk I know), and it needs damn good exfoliation to get it prepped and glowing for Summer.

Invest in Microdermabrasion treatments or facial peels to slough away at the dead skin build up, and to reveal a fresher complexion ready for the warmer air. You’ll be going make-up free much more in Summer, so make sure you have your skin prepped as much as possible!

Now go and enjoy Summer!

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