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I’ve always been a bit of a sucker for packaging. You could wrap a teabag up in gold leaf and I’d want to buy it, and I can’t walk past a Benefit counter without ogling all the pretty boxes and tubes with cute graphics printed on them.

I first came across Eyeko cosmetics at The Clothes Show Live a few years ago, and in true Emma-style I was drawn to the stand like a magpie, attracted to the bold, funky packaging of the rows of Eyeko lipglosses, eye liners and nail polishes. Eyeko means LOVE in Japanese, and its obvious that the packaging of the products are designed around  a Japanese art theme, although the brand is based in London. Tubes feature a doe-eyed girls face in a sketchy format, boxes are coloured in brights with retro printed fruit designs, and bottles are dressed up in hand-drawn London themed labels. Cute cute cute!

It was only recently I decided to do more with this brand than just look at its pretty appearance. The lovely people at Eyeko sent along a handful of products to have a little test of, and after a week of gliding on the lip glosses and painting on the polishes, I would like to declare my love for Eyeko’s lip and cheek product – Fat Balm.

I laughed a little at the name at first, but it’s actually a wonder of a product. It comes in slicks of juicy colours and flavours, including strawberry, raspberry, minty, toffee, cherry and frosting, and all are infused with light reflecting particles. I have been using the Minty Fat Balm, which gives a subtle pink sheen to my lips with a minty taste. As well as looking sheer and iridescent, the menthol balm also freshens breath and gives a slight tingle. Using moistening jojoba oil and added SPF 15, it has the benefits of a lip balm, and also can be dabbed onto cheeks for a touch of blush.

Coming a close second is Eyeko’s Liptastik Glossy Lip Pen, a 3 in 1 twist-up lippy, lip gloss and lip pencil. Yes you can probably tell that I have a slight obsession for lip products at the moment! It’s a limited edition product which is following fashions trend for bold lips, coming in 2 must-have shades – a scarlet hue (Lip Lover) and a rosy pink (Loud Mouth). I’m a fairly busy girl so this product did me proud this week, I could just whip it out of my handbag, sweep it on, and ta-da, lined, coloured and glossed lips in an instance!

Prices range from £4 to £15, and with Eyeko’s quirky appearance and pretty packaging, this brand is one to consider for your Christmas gifts this year!

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  1. November 18, 2010 / 11:49 am

    I must say I’m a fool for packaging, too. So much so that, being a graphic designer, I almost started a cosmetics line with a 2nd cousin a few years ago. So we got really into researching brands/packaging etc. Didn’t end up doing it but still use the cosmetics – all natural, yummy smells – but I literally move the creams into my own (prettier) simple glass jars. I’m really put off by bad packaging in cosmetics.

    Love these!

    Just found you via Laura aka Daisy Chain Dream. She talked you up re: Matalan/Friday blog. Good luck with it Emma: we’ll support you.

    (I’m Jill btw:

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