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Last month, I did something I haven’t done in a long time – I went to a makeup masterclass!

The reason being is that because I’m a makeup artist myself, other than professional training classes, I tend not to go to makeup masterclasses as I always think they won’t be tailored to me. But then I thought – hang on – a day spent with the pro’s at Bobbi Brown, learning about their top products and gaining some tips? Yes please!

So, bare faced wearing not a trace of makeup, I headed to Manchester’s Artzu Gallery for a two hour session spent with the BB team…

The masterclass itself was called #CantLiveWithout, and it was all about the 10 key hero products at Bobbi Brown that, well, we just can’t live without.

When I arrived, I was greeted by the lovely team, who gave us personalised biscuits and brews (what else do you want when you’re in Manchester?) and took us to our professional makeup chairs, ready to start a Bobbi Brown Masterclass with one of the BB Pro’s.

The team came round and matched us all with our perfect shades of foundation, concealers and powders etc, and left a selection to chose from when it came to lip, cheek and eye colour.


I actually managed to capture a little bit of the day over on my YouTube video – you have to skip in to around 12 minutes 20 seconds, but you’ll see some footage at the Artzu Gallery with all the other Manchester beauty bloggers, getting ready to paint our faces and learn some valuable tips!

So, as the event was all based around the top 10 Bobbi Brown products which they class as the ‘Cant Live Without’ products, I wanted to give my thoughts on each of them. I used all 10 along with the makeup masterclass, following the BB Pro, but I’ve also been having a go at using them at home, too.

And, I’ve managed to pick out some of my favourites and I’ve added them to my professional bridal makeup kit, and I’ve had some brilliant feedback from my brides. Read on to find out which!

Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base £43

This base product is one of Bobbi Browns bestsellers— in a nutshell its a primer plus moisturiser for smooth makeup application (it delivers the best of both worlds). Rich in feel, but never greasy, this advanced oil-free face formula, with Shea Butter, instantly hydrates, softens and cushions skin.

Let me say, the scent is divine, it’s like light zesty oranges. I’ve started mixing this with a dab of strobe cream as the base product for all my brides and it gets so many compliments!

Corrector £19.50

This corrector acts as a great concealer, it’s pretty much what Bobbi Brown call ‘a wake-up call for tired eyes’. This essential corrector brightens and covers discolouration under the eyes utilising a pink- or peach-based formula to neutralise under-eye darkness. I have to admit at first I was a little put off by  how pinky the shade ‘bisque’ was, the one I was given as a match…

BUT- don’t be fooled. The pinkey tones blends right into the dark circles and neutralises a little and develops as a great match for concealing the blue/grey shadows and giving a fresh beige-y coverage!

Instant Full Cover Concealer £23

Out of the two concealers, this one is my favourite as the texture is so creamy, and it’s super easy to blend into skin. It’s a concentrated, highly-pigmented coverage concealer that visibly brightens stubborn dark circles and softens hollows and tired lines in an instant—no sleep required.

Skin Long Wear Weightless Foundation SPF15 £31

The first thing I’ll add about the foundations at BB is that the array of shades are incredible – they cover all bases! This one is a new 16-hour wear, full coverage foundation with a natural, multidimensional matte finish that’s comfortable, breathable and weightless.

It’s an ultra-silky emulsion featuring a perfectly balanced blend of skin-loving ingredients, oil controlling actives and skin-true pigments. It sells lightly of lavender!

It’s incredibly smooth and blendable to apply, it glides on with a second-skin feel and multidimensional matte finish. I found it took a couple of applications to build up to the full coverage that I need, but thats purely because I have such bad breakouts and pigmentation at the moment!

Skin Foundation Stick £31

This one is an award winning product and I can totally see why. The foundation stick is formulated with a unique transparent base and skin tone correct pigments for the most natural-looking, skin-like finish. A Bobbi Brown original, the innovative formula features Smart Technology for targeted moisturization or oil control depending on what skin needs.

They class it as medium to full coverage, where it comes in a convenient swivel-up stick for at home and on-the-go application. Available in 31 skin tone correct shades – again, spoilt for choice! I enjoy using this by dipping a brush into it and gathering a thick consistency onto a concealer brush, and going over those more red areas or tired looking parts of the skin.

Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks £22

The Pot Rouge is Bobbi Brown’s best-selling, multi-tasking lip and cheek formula, which comes in various shades. It’s a creamy texture which is highly pigmented for incredible colour for the cheeks and lips. It blends into cheeks and foundation softly, and I find it a dream to use on lips just by dabbing on via your fingertip!

I’m more of a powder blusher girl, so I’ll probably keep this in my makeup kit purely for lips, but that’s just personal preference.



Perfectly Defined Long Wear Brow Pencil £30

I always prefer pencil brow products, especially the softer tip ones which you can twist up (great for when I do makeup sessions and I don;t need to worry about sharpening!).

This automatic brow pencil with a unique slant tip for ultra-precise definition gives a  long wear finish that says to be sweat- and humidity-resistant and waterproof. It’s formulated with a combination of waxes and emollients, and is said to be a long-wearing formula that won’t smudge or fade, so brows look fresh and polished.

I used it during the masterclass and have used it on a couple of brides since, and haven’t found any problems with it so far! Seems a good quality, pigmented product which remains on the skin to avoid any smudging.

Long Wear Cream Shadow Stick £23

I was surprised how much I would like this product as I rarely use cream shadow sticks. However, the shade I had was a rich champagne shade, which gives a clean, creamy sheen to the corners of my eyes and I immediatley thought of all those brides who appreciate a lighter, shimmery finish on the eyelids.

I’ve since used this on about 8-9 brides since trying this out, and it doesn’t crease or flake/cake up on the eyelid – it just blends seamlessly to the eyelid and other eyeshadow colours. Great so far, and it’s changed my opinion on cream shadows!

Smokey Eye Mascara £24.50

The perfect complement to a smokey eye look, this kohl-pigmented mascara delivers high drama by creating extremely black, stretched-out lashes in an instant. Plus, the long-wearing formula holds its own against flaking, smudging, sweat and humidity. So far, so good!

Luxe Lip Colour £27

Now I’m a packaging obsessive, and this shiny gold tube is just divine. This sumptuous formula dramatically boosts moisture levels while intensely rejuvenating lips, keeping them comfortable and conditioned—even after it’s removed. Now in over 40 shades, with a sleek gold tube. It’s definitely a luxury lipstick.

I tried various shades in this, but more so a more fuschia pink during the masterclass, which was WOW! The lipsticks are one of my favourite items from the Bobbi Brown range, as the texture and colours are so prominent and high quality. Worth the money in my opinion.

Since the masterclass, I’ve been playing around with a few of the ‘Can’t Live Without’ products myself at home, and I’ve now found my own staple ones.

The vitamin enriched base is just the best – can’t believe I hadn’t tried it before now. It doubles up as a gorgeous scented primer and it’s just the best base I’ve used so far. But especially when mixing it with a bit of strobe cream!

The lip colours are by far one of the best quality lipsticks, and here I’ve blended in their eyeshadow Shadow Stick with another eyeshadow to get this glowy-eyed look, finished off with the smokey eye mascara!

Thanks Bobbi Brown for a fantastic day…

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