Beauty: Back To Basics With E45

As a beauty blogger, I am privileged to get to try out lots of new, exciting brands and products regularly. However, sometimes I love nothing more than going back to basics with simple, fragrance free trusted products – the original names we all know and love. So hands up…. who doesn’t know about E45?

You may be familiar with the brand in the same why I am – I remember E45 products from many years ago as a family staple in the bathroom when growing up. I have never particularly suffered from dry skin, but the hydrating lotions and creams were always around my house when growing up, used across all of my family simply because the skin care products can benefit all skin types. Fuss free and widely used, E45 has always been a trusted brand to use to tackle eczema, dry skin, young skin and dry scalps.

When it comes to sensitive skin that can easily be effected by harsh chemicals and ingredients that you find across many skincare products, I do find lots of people lean on trusted, traditional products, which are perfume free and dermatologically tested. E45 is a leader in tackling flaky, irritable, dry and rough skin, as well as being extremely affordable and easily accessible to purchase. I was offered by E45 to giveaway some of their products to my readers, which I thought was lovely because the range suits everyone – no matter what your skin type is – so I feel comfotable knowing my readers could be using this on their skin everyday.

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Did you know that 66% of women claim they do not have ‘normal skin’? It’s more and more common to suffer from sensitivity, or some form of skin type easily effected by products. The innovative range from E45 has been developed using E45’s expertise in special skin care; it leaves normal skin and sensitive skin alike spoilt for choice with three ways to hydrate the skin and maintain its overall health while giving it some gentle VIP treatment. The ranges include E45 Touchably Smooth, E45 Moisturising Lotion, E45 Nourish and Restore and E45 Hand Cream. I am constantly washing my hands, using face wipes on them to get rid of foundation marks, using them to apply hair care products and fake tans and all sorts throughout the day, so I have been using the E45 Overnight Hand Cream every night. It soaks in lovely with a really nice creamy texture, and I wake up every morning with beautifully soft skin.

I also know so many people these days with skin conditions – such as eczema and dermatitis- who swear by this brand to keep their troubles in tact, soothing the problem and keeping it at bay.

I have three sets of the standard E45 lotion, and the overnight E45 hand cream to giveaway to you can celebrate this traditional brand with me too! Just follow me on twitter here to retweet the comp and you can be one of my three winners! Comp ends 28th February.

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