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GOSH eyeliner
I don’t know about you, but when it comes to the New Year, I like to completely re-organise my makeup bag and give it a make-over of its own. I often find that during the year, I seem to collect lots of the same product, such as a build up of black eyeliners; in which some are completely sharpened right to the bottom, and the others so dried out they no longer draw that all important line. So don’t even get me started on mascaras! To say you are supposed to throw them out after six months, I’ll embarrassingly admit that 2015 has left me with a collection of clumpy, dried up versions which only belong in the bin.

So whilst I’m sat here on the 3rd January, sorting through the old throw-aways, I decided to start the year off properly. It’s time to invest in just one good black eyeliner, instead of several crappy ones. For me, a good black eyeliner is in the form of a pencil; it’s jet black, has a texture that is fairly inky (yet doesn’t smudge with the slightest eye rub), and is affordable to keep re-purchasing. So I think I have found it, thanks to GOSH at Superdrug, with the GOSH Velvet Touch Eye Liner in Black Ink, costing just £4.99.

GOSH eyeliner

what emma did
The two photos above are from two recent evenings out (well, getting ready in my room before going out) wearing the GOSH eyeliner. What I love about it is that for literally just £5, it does everything an eyeliner should do in super simple style. It glides on as soon as in contact with the lower eye, leaves a lovely pigmented sharp black stroke, easily blends in and smudges a little for a more smokey look (I tend to use a cotton bud to help) and doesn’t get ruined in shape when sharpened. Ever noticed that some eyeliners never seem to be in ‘as good shape’ after a few sessions with the sharpener?

I also filled my newly organised makeup bag with some other little gems from Superdrug, as I do tend to love Superdrug’s makeup brands when I want some affordable, fill-up products to add to my collection. I regularly wear the brands false lashes, from their range called LASH. Again, just £5 for a good quality product. These lashes are fairly strong in texture and come with an adhesive which really sticks the lashes down to the lashline, plus the range of volumes look really premium, and don’t reflect the cheaper price point.

superdrug makeup
I don’t know about you but I tend to have a lot of cosmetic, beauty and hair products from Superdrug, due to the fact it’s so accessible, affordable and of a real impressive quality in my opinion. Let me know if you have been impressed with their products too!

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