Baby Birth Date Wall Print Gift for Nursery and Babies Room

One of the newest prints over at Powder Rooms Studio launched a fortnight ago, so I thought I would introduce it via a good old blog post! As I’ve been inundated with customers asking for custom print ideas for their newborn babies room/nursery, I thought about combining a ‘welcome to the world’ new baby gift, along with a keepsake print for a child’s nursery.

This personalised print is ideal for new parents to purchase as a sentimental keepsake for their little one, or, it makes a wonderful gift for others to buy instead of an expected new baby present, like clothing.

The Hello World print shows the birth month of the baby in a calendar format, with the date of birth highlighted with either a blue or pink heart.

The babies full name, date of birth, time of birth and weight can be added to the top of the print. If you wish, you can add on the hospital/location the baby was born too.

The print comes in an A4 size, as a white framed version or an unframed version. It’s a cutesy handwritten font, yet bold enough to stand out on your little one’s wall.

You can take a proper look over at the etsy shop here.

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