ASOS Model’s Own Advertising Campaign

Last month, a Japanese publishing company approached me about appearing in a new book they were launching, featuring people from the fashion industry in their ‘creative spaces’. The idea is to build up a book based on fashion writers, designers, stylists etc, and publish beautiful photography of their houses and how the individuals creativity spills out in the home. They couldn’t have asked me at a worst time – my living space is split between my parents house and a house with friends, so it’s not really left for me to allow the rooms to be filled with my fashionable junk. As you can imagine, I was sad to decline such an offer.

However, it seem’s ASOS have jumped on the bandwagon, and have used models shot in their own living adobe’s for their latest advertising campaign. Models are featured modelling clothes from the ASOS collection, in settings such as their living rooms, kitchens and offices. It works a treat – I can’t even put my finger on what it is that works so well, maybe it’s the voyeurism in all of us that just loves to feel like were looking in at other’s lifestyles. Shoppers will probably start to feel some connectivity to the models and the collections, and can really see what the garments look like in “real life” settings. Ten out of ten ASOS, a refreshing change to our world of advertising…

"The chance to check out our 300 new-ins every day, from a vintage coach, model's own"


"Choice of over 400 brands, Model's own. Choice of cushions, model's mums"


"Look that'll turn heads, models own"


"Decision not to use our free returns, model's own"



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