Are These Rubis Classic Scissors and Tweezers the Best of the Best?

A few months ago, I had he pleasure of presenting an evening with Anna Newton, blogger of The Anna Edit. I was hosting a Q&A based on her boo,, An Edited Life, and I always remember a discussion taking place across the audience. All at once, everyone started discussing beauty tools, revealing that they all swear by Rubic Cuticle Scissor and Tweezers,

So fast forward a month or so, I’ve managed to get hold of them to see why these are rated the creme de la creme of beauty tools.

Lets take a look at the Rubis Classic Scissors first…

Rubis Classic Scissors

I’m lucky to have strong nails which grow fast, but this does mean they need taking care of regularly. These scissors are a beautifully crafted tool to painlessly tidy up nails.

For those not aware of the brand, Rubis have become popular for crafting precision tools exclusively for the Swiss watch industry. Then, 25 years ago, they branched out into beauty tools using the same factories and skilled craftsmen. This will be why the quality is so high!

The brand recommend using the Rubis Classic after showering or bathing, when nails are softer and easier to cut. I first noticed they are ever so slightly curved, with hand-sharpened blades designed to a high standard.

They are literally the easiest nail scissors I have ever used. So easy to hold and create a smooth, neat cut without and edgy bits of breakage.

When I researched, I found out that the classic pair are not simply stamped out of metal, they are elaborately turned pieces of martensitic steel. The quality material has two special attributes that make these scissors look and feel quality and easy to use: it can be hardened to a high degree, which has a major impact on the high quality and long life of the cutting blades, and it is easily molded, which is important for the perfect functionality and good design of the scissors.

A bonus here is that Martensitic steel is acid-proof and rust-resistant, too.

It may seem silly to get so over excited by a pair of scissors, but I feel I no longer have to feel the need to rely on nail files immediately after trimming my nails due to the smooth finish these give me!

Rubis Pointer Tweezer

I was kindly gifted the above scissors, however the tweezers I borrowed from a friend to see what the hype is, and boy these are pointer tweezers are fabulous!

The Rubis Pointer Tweezer is made from resilient, anti-acid stainless steel that won’t rust or corrode, to guarantee the perfect pluck.

They are beautifully balanced with the perfect alignment, making it so simpleto grip both the tweezers for precision, and aim at those unwanted hairs under the brows and even on my upper lip!

They literally have the finest tapered point, so these are handy to have in the house if you ever get slinters or ingrown hairs – eurgh! It’s the super fine tip and perfect angle and grip which makes removing hair a task made so much simpler.

Rubis actually have another pair of Tweezers I’ve noticed have some great reviews (Classic Slant Tweezers) which have also intrigued me, and also a pair of slimline cuticle scissors.

I guess these will be next on my list as I join the ever growing community of Rubis tool fans!

Rubis are available at Harvey Nichols, Cult Beauty and HQ Hair.

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