Beauty: Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pommade Review

As a Beauty Editor by day and a Beauty Blogger by night, I hear a lot of talk about Anastasia Beverly Hills. But more so around their cult eyebrow product – DipBrow Pomade. So what exactly is the Anastasia DipBrow Pomade? And why is it meant to be so good?

Encased in a cute 4g glass pot, this cream brow product has been created to give you total control of your brows. It gives your brows natural structure, texture, definition, colour and shape, but the part I love the most is that the shades are so soft, they enable you to build your shape without your brows looking false and OTT!

On brush application, the texture appears a little satin like, with a slight sheen. However, once brushed through your brow hairs, it instantly transforms to a matte, natural finish. This is perfect, because I’m way over any shine or gloss creeping into my brows!

I’ve been using the taupe shade, which was actually a gift bought for me. I’d say I’m possibly 1 shade darker than the taupe (soft-medium brown), but the beauty of the pomade is that I just simply layer it up and blend up until I feel the colour is a perfect match. So I’m actually really enjoying using the taupe and practicing my blending techniques!

It’s possibly the colour choice available with this product which makes dipbrow so great. Rather than your flat standard taupe, brown, black shades, the colour choice on offer represents the actual tones present in real hair. So you know, browns with warm undertones, browns with hints of red pigment, ashy blondes… something for everyone.

I wondered at first if a cream/wax type product to apply to my brows would smudge a little when I get hot, but another heroic aspect of this product is that it is actually waterproof and smudge proof. So yes ladies! You can go swimming and sunbathe with this applied to your brows. It literally lasts all day. I find a good oil based eye make-up remover is literally the best thing to use to completely remove all traces at the end of the day.

Here’s my brows before using the product:

I confess I watched a couple of YouTube videos on how to apply this before I set to work on myself, as I’m usually an avid pencil users. But it’s really really simple. Just dip a fine angle brush or a tiny liner brush into the pot and mimic a flicking action to create the illusion of fine hair texture. Apply again for a darker, more filled-in look.

The pot costs around £15, and can be found at various online beauty retailers.

And to finalise this post, here’s my brows post using the DipBrow. Ta da!

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