How to Use Face Oils for your Skincare Regime

Move over moisturiser – face oils have officially shifted from a skincare trend to a beauty staple. And literally in a matter of one sweet year. I remember when they first came on the scene, and everyone looked a little dubious. I mean oil? Put oil on my face? Why on Earth would we want to do that, when we try and keep oil at bay?

In actual fact, face oils hydrate the skin without a greasy finish, and nourish and moisturise with a (usually huge) list of antioxidants and natural emollients. Plus, now that they have gone mainstream, there’s a huge variety of options at different price points and scents. There’s a different facial oil for every type of skin type and concern, and believe me – they are taking over the world!

All natural and botanical 

The nice thing about utilising a facial oil in your skincare regime is that the majority of them are natural, loaded with botanicals and act as your plant-based skincare product. As a Beauty Editor, I come across a lot of facial oils, but one of them I like to share is from CRUDE. CRUDE has oil-cleansing at it’s core, with botanical ingredients that work with your body’s own regenerative processes to heal, nourish and support healthy, vibrant skin.

The brand discovered that chronic use of soaps and exfoliants actually fight and disrupt our skin’s healing processes and natural microbiome. They strip and aggravate the skin, and break down our natural moisture barrier. And as our skin is naturally capable of healing itself, it just needs a little help, not something fighting against it. CRUDE ingredients (like oil and clay) gently cleanse and deposit beneficial minerals and antioxidants that support your skin’s natural defenses. So you know you’re benefiting your skin hugely with each use…

If you want to start getting into the habit of using facial oils and improving your skincare regime, a starter kit is a good way to go about it. This one from CRUDE features 1 oz. Everything Oil, 1 oz. Detox Masks and 3 Pull Cloths so you are fully equipped. The Everything Oil is just fantastic – it’s a one product, all skin types/concerns suited.

It acts as a half cleanser and half moisturiser to provide dewy, radiant, dreamy looking skin. But you might be wondering why the starter kit comes with pull cloths, as mentioned above. This is where I come to the next bit, sharing how to properly use face oils, day and/or night, and introducing a muslin style cloth for the best cleanse/moisturise of your life!…

How to use Face Oils

Firstly, everything you need for oil cleansing can be found right here aside the Oil Cleansing Start Kit. The 3 products are the key three to get you started with this skin-loving step. But just to highlight some bullet points, the method is like this:

  • Step 1: Cleanse – Massaging a quarter-sized amount of oil in to damp or dry skin for at least one minute. This will allow it to penetrate and draw impurities from deep within the skin.
  • Step 2: Remove – After your oil is applying, the next professional step it to ‘pull’, and you can do this with a pull cloth and warm (not hot) water. Hold the warm water cloth over your face for three deep breaths to open the pores. Then slowly begin to remove the oil using small circular motions around the face with the cloth. Remember that water alone may not remove all the oil, bacteria and dirt from your skin, but using a muslin style cloth will cleanse deep.
  • Step 3: Moisturise – Using your facial oil – which will usually be packed with Vitamins E, A, C, and D – massage a few drops in to the skin after cleansing. This will leave you with perfectly dewy, glowing skin. And of course, make sure your oil is non-comedogenic, therefore won’t feel greasy or heavy.

If you follow the following oil cleansing guide, you can get a more in-depth tutorial about each step.

I’ve been using facial oils for around 2 months now, which isn’t that long to say they’ve been huge for over a year. I started off with these Circ-cell face oil samples which landed on my desk at my beauty editor day job, and I first just started using them either before my moisturiser, or in place of my moisturiser. And that’s the main beauty of them, if you use them as that vital treatment step after toning but before moisturising, it can work as a treatment for anything you desire – pigmentation, acne, dry skin etc.

But if you are in a rush and don’t want to go through every step of your intense regime, just smother your face with the oil after cleansing.

Just look how glowy they are – what a discovery and what an invention. I’m a fully converted facial oil fan now, and can’t wait to explore more ranges.

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