All Bar One Vegan Menu Review, Manchester

OK guys, I’m super excited to write this one up because I was literally amazed at how much I enjoyed this fantastic food experience the other week in Manchester.

In the thick of ‘Veganuary‘, which many people are continuing for the rest of the year, All Bar One has launched a 2 course and 3 course Vegan menu. So I headed to the Manchester restaurant and bar to give it a good try out.

I often say on here, I’m not Vegan. I’m not Vegetarian either, but, I’m not really a huge fan of meat. I totally encourage a Vegan lifestyle and find I tend to enjoy Vegan and Vegetarian cooked meals. My boyfriend is a huge meat eater, so I shudder to think of the struggles we’d have cooking seperate meals if I was to give it a go… but maybe it’s something I’m going to look into.

Anyway, I have tones of Vegan readers so this one is for you: The All Bar One Vegan menu is definitely one for your list. I have never ever ever enjoyed a lasagna so much in my life. It was the tastiest meal I have devoured in a long while, and honestly that is no word of an exaggeration.

So here’s my full thoughts…

Myself and my friend sat down and looked at the menu, firstly being impressed at the extensive list of choices. Chilli Non Carne, Lentil and Chickpea Quesadila, Spiced Cauliflower Shank, Miso Tofu Bowls, Sweet Potato Curries, a plant based burger, and a fair few deliciously sounding desserts lined the menu.

We chose to share the Crushed Avocado Bruschetta which came the the tangiest tomato salsa – a real juicy kick. Definitely a more-ish starter.

We also tucked into the Chilli Non Carne Tacos which muddled the chilli with avocado and a nacho crumb. No cheese or meat, but you would never even guess. A soft texture, rich tasty sauce, crunchy crunch and delicious tacos, with chunks of creamy avocado.

For the main courses, I went for the Vegan Lasgana, packed with butternut squash, courgette and peppers. Now I don’t know if it’s cheeky or anything but I really wished I had asked for the recipe for this, because I seriously can’t get over how much I enjoyed it. It was bursting with veggies, and the butternut square was so soft.

The sauce was rich, warming and had a tang of spicy tomatoes, and the vegan version of cheese was creamy and thickened up the texture.

Literally a bowl of dreamy comforting food.

The other main we got was the Spiced Cauliflower Shank, which came with giant cous cous, spinach, pomegranate and a coconut dressing. The portion was large, and it is actually incredible how much you can spice up and taste up a simple cauliflower.

Alongside the yummy cous cous and healthy veggies (plus pomegranate always adds that sweet crunch!), the cauliflower was a meal of it’s own, filling and satisfying.

More to the point, we both felt healthier dining from this menu. I totally got my 5 a day from this sitting (well, almost I reckon)

We sipped a couple of juices from the Vegan drinks menu too, which was refreshing to see. Everyone talks so much about Vegan food, drink options can get overlooked.

Keeping them low calorie, you can choose from a range of refreshing juices and waters. I went for the Raspberry, Apple and Rose Cooler, which was a delicious, fresh juice that was really more-ish. It was nice to see an extensive list of low or no alcohol cocktails too.

The 2 course cost £11.95, and 3 courses £14.95, which I find great value. We sadly skipped desserts as we’d filled ourselves up with coffees beforehand, but I have to return to try them out. The Biscoff Banana (with coconut mousse, toffee sauce, biscoff crumb and pecan brittle) has my name all over it.

Have to say, for a place that is a chain restaurant (and sometimes people don’t expect too much) I thoughly enjoyed my dining experience from start to finish. 10/10 for the vegan menu – well done All Bar One.

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