Xhorah Super Antioxidant Nourishing Elixir Facial Oil Review

If you have been following my beauty posts on Instagram lately, you’ll have seen I’ve been switching up my lotions and potions a little. You see, I’m not Vegan, not do I follow a vegan lifestyle, but latelty I’ve been noticing the benefits of incorporating these elements into my skincare and makeup regimes.

I guess I’ve just started 2019 trying to be a lot more ‘cleaner’ and purer when it comes to what I’m putting on and into my skin. My skin is severely dry on my cheeks, which a fairly oily T-Zone, and an overall dull complexion effected by red acne marks and scarring.


I obsess over my skin a lot, and regularly have treatments to try and tackle the acne and scarring. So lets take a look at a beautiful product I’ve been trying out lately, which perfectly fits in with the natural, clean beauty efforts I’ve been following so far this year.

What is the Xhorah Super Antioxidant Elixir?

The Xhorah Super Antioxidant Elixir is a 100% natural and 100% vegan luxury oil, packed skin loving natural ingredients. It’s key benefits are its ability to provide nourishment and hydration for your skin, making it a great oil to massage into the skin both morning and night.

Due to it’s concoction of lovely natural ingredients, it also comes with a delicious exotic scent that reminds me of tropical fruits (just a subtle scent, a very light aroma). It’s loaded with passion seed oil, apricot kernel oil, red raspberry oil, prickly pear oil moringa and burriti oil.

I feel I have to point out that there is still a little stigma that surrounds facial oils. A lot of people with acne, oily or problematic skin can shy away from them, thinking that facial oils will only grease the skin up more and cause more problems, which is definitley not the case.

You see oil combats oil, so when you have an oily complexion, it’s an oil texture that actually works to tackle the oil and keep it at bay. This one in particularl is incredibly light, ensuring that the pores are not blocked and even the most sensitive of skins is soothed, making it ideal for use on all skin types.

How do I use it?

It’s literally a dream to use, with nothing but a luxury feel when massaged into the skin, an uplifting light scent and the smoothest, radiant skin upon application. You know when a facial oil leaves that subtle sheen and glow straight away? Well that’s exactly what I mean!

I just massage a few drops into my skin and let it settle for around a minute before I apply a daily moisturiser or night cream.

The 50ml stunning glass bottle costs £64, and let me promise you, it will last you absolutely ages! I’ve been using it for over 2 weeks and hardly any seems to have gone.

My personal results

For me, my dull, acne marked complexion has brightened up considerably within the two weeks of using this twice a day. It’s the glow it gives me that is most definitely the ‘wow’ factor and the first result I noticed. However, after continuous use, my dry cheeks have become so much more hydrated, and I don’t look like I’m totally parched like I used to!

My boyfriend would always comment on how rough and dry my skin looked (kindly commenting that I look like I need a good 8 glasses of water, which I was doing…) but it took until around day 8 before those dry patches and rough patches fades, replaced with a soft and hydrated-to-touch complexion.

Post laser treatments

So I wanted to finish off this review saying that it’s all well and good reviewing a product when I’ve had ‘normal’ skin, as in, my day to day combination, acne prone skin. But I recently had the intensity turned up on a recent clearlift laser treatment I have done to my face once every 6 weeks, in which I have to be careful about what I use on my skin after.

I used the Elixir for the 48 hours that follows my laser treatment, and I won’t lie, I didn’t know if I was being too adventurous. However, it just worked a dream. It calmed the redness down that I had scattered across my cheeks from the hot laser, and any flaky patches I had around my jaw (the area the laser focuses more on for my skin) were soothed immediately.

I’m no professional, so I can’t state that this 100% natural oil is fine to use immediately after any facial treatments. But for me and my ClearlIft laser treatment, it was absolutely wonderful!

You can purchase the Elixir, or read up more about it, here on the website.

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