5 Things To Know When Creating an Online Personal Profile

Nowadays, millions of people are registered on all different kinds of social networks all over the world. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Pinterest…. the list goes on. You can even class sating profiles in this sector as these are predominately online.

They use their accounts not only for entertainment but also for promotional purposes, which can help shape their professional life.

Having a good online profile isn’t just about entertaining and being active on social media. I like to think of it as building up your ‘online footprint’ – a well-filled profile motivates visitors, evokes emotions and gives people a good idea of what you’re about.

The best thing is, you have complete control. But if you’re a bit unsure where to start, or how to spruce up the online personal profiles you currently have, then I’ll share a few tips below with you I’ve picked up along my online journey…

5 things any online profile should have  

Remember that your personal profile is used for various purposes, but in any case, it should accommodate important information for the people landing on your profile. Only you know what message or ‘vibe’ you want to give out, so have a good think. Everyone will differ here so the answer is personal to you. .

1. Create a strong nickname or user name

Don’t make up any complicated names or names that are great for the ‘now’, as you’ll only end up changing them down the line, which is messy. It will be better if your nickname consists of only one word (although most of these nicknames are already taken by someone else), but perhaps you can incorporate your full name together, along with the initial of any middle names.

If you create a page for your business, like a shop or a service, avoid commercial words such as showroom, shop, buy, online and others. According to psychological research, such words in nicknames usually scare people away. Softer, fluffier, helpful names can help when naming your profiles for business,

Before you register a nickname or username for your TikTok, Instagram or anything else, say it out loud. If the name sounds quite good and can be written immediately without mistakes, this is exactly what you need. 

2. Upload a clear profile photo

Your profile photo shouldn’t be a random image. This is the face of your account, the face of you and who you are – and what you’re about. People will judge you from the first photo they see, so make it representative.

All the comments and likes that you leave on other pages will be accompanied by this photo. The photo must be of high quality and clear, ideally without background noise and ‘mess’. The best option is a full-face photo, ideally without being too heavily made up, however if you tend to wear heavy makeup everyday, then of course, you have to do what suits you.

Think of all the live footage around on social media right now. With this, you can’t simply ‘cat fish’ people and live my a heavily edited photo of yourself. With this in mind, give your profile photo as normal and as real as possible.

3. Describe yourself and what you do

You should describe your page clearly and in an interesting way, as people are mostly interested in who you are and what you do. The profile text is somewhat that can hook your ‘followers’ or potential online communities on, so ideally it needs to be the most exciting hook. Think about these 4 simple prompts:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you do?
  3. Why should someone contact you?
  4. How can one find you elsewhere?

Don’t include hashtags in the profile, that’s an extension of Instagram flowing into everything else and they don’t look presentable at all. You can use emoji icons to describe the page, but don’t go overboard. And remember that there should be no mistakes in the profile description on any of your channels.

Remember that employers will search for these too, so keep it clean!

4. Fill your page with quality photos

This point of having online profiles across the internet is different for everyone, some want to use it to meet new potential partners or friends, and others just want to find craigslist personals alternative. Either way, people mostly talk about themselves and their lives with the help of pictures. People are interested in visuals first, and then they will tend to read on about you.

Therefore, the quality of the photos should be taken very seriously. If you can’t take pictures on your own, it’s better to ask an amateur photographer, so you get some clear, beautiful shots, but it really depends on what your goal is. The photos should be a combination of smart, professional style and then fun, laid-back and relaxed. Whatever suits you, but ask yourself “am I happy for these to remain online forever?” – because that is a risk you take when you upload anything online.

And it goes without saying: never use fake photos!

5. Leave engaging descriptions

As most online platforms now are heavily led by photos and videos, the description you put alongside these are equally important. Descriptions allow you to get your personality across, so pay attention to the description of the photos.

Ask questions more often, invite people for their opinions or advice. People love to talk about themselves, so think about if this is possible. This will make your page more interactive. Subscribers will not only look at your photos, but also respond to your description, leave comments, and share their opinions.

I’ve been online for 10 years with a blog and various social media platforms, so I like to think I’ve made enough mistakes along the way to share a few thoughts. Of course, I’m definitely no mastermind when it comes to creating the strongest most engaging social network profiles out there. If I did, I’d potentially have millions more followers! So if I’ve missed anything out, do share below in the comments…

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  1. April 28, 2020 / 6:30 pm

    Love these great tips they can do wonder if applied gracefully thanks for sharing

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