5 of the Best Palettes So Far For 2019

Here’s the thing: there’s something so deeply alluring about the curated make-up compacts that have become the beauty equivalent of the one-stop shop. I’m talking about palettes – a dear friend of mine as both a makeup artist and a beauty enthusiast.

I first fell in love with palettes when Urban Decay launched their first legendary Naked eyeshadow palette. To this day, their palettes remain as a staple in my pro makeup kit.

But as the years have passed, I find myself falling in love with new palettes every month, adding both luxury and affordable ones to my collections.

So, in today’s world where we can’t get enough of the palette, which are my favourites so far in 2019? Here’s my pick of the best make-up palettes to stock up on now.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam

Lets face it, when has Anastasia ever create a product which hasn’t gone down a hit?

Now I’ve had this palette for a couple of months, but was testing it out on both myself and some of my bridal parties to get a good feel of it before reviewing.

Everyone loves to jump in to rave about Anastasia products just by looking at them, and although I almost did as soon as I held the soft, velvety feel case, I decided to give it a good old trial.

I particularly love this latest offering of a palette basically because the shades are made up of universally-flattering neutrals, all of which are so easy to apply and blend.

A perfect palette for me includes a mixture of matte and shimmer hues, even thought I’m personally a matte girl, but a combination means it makes a great addition to my pro makeup kit.

This collection of shades can be muted or ramped up, depending on the look. And as always, in true Anastasia style, the high pigment formulas mean that the shadows won’t crease or fade throughout the day.

Lets list the fourteen shades, including essential mattes and glam shimmers.

  • Tempera: ultra-matte velvety beige
  • Glistening: iridescent gold with a hint of pink reflect
  • Orange Soda: ultra-matte pastel peach
  • Rose Pink: rose gold with a soft pink iridescent hue
  • Sultry: a hybrid satin metallic finish warm chocolate brown
  • Bronze: metallic gold bronze
  • Mulberry: ultra-matte mulberry
  • Dusty Rose: ultra-matte dusty lilac
  • Fairy: multi-dimensional light gold
  • Burnt Orange: ultra-matte deep orange
  • Sienna: ultra-matte earthy brown
  • Rustic: ultra-matte deep cinnamon brown
  • Cyprus Umber: ultra-matte dark coffee
  • Noir: ultra-matte deep carbon black

My favourite shades are Noir – the urban black which I like to smudge into the lash line for a smoky eye look (as I don’t usually wear liquid eyeliner either).

Then there are three shades, Glistening, Bronze and Fairy, which are lovely transitional shades with a shimmer to blend in the bolder browns. Also, these can be used lightly to highlight the face.

I fell in love with this palette pretty much immediately. If you love a full pigment and easy to blend formulas, you’ll adore the fourteen shade array. The ideal palette for holding ultra-matte, duo chrome and metallic finish shades, cased in luxury packaging

Plus, this palette is cruelty free. Winner. You can shop it for £43 at FeelUnique

I used it on my client below, here’s a little look:

Charlotte Tilbury The Icons Palette

Soooo the first thing I thought of when I got my hands on this palette was ‘wow, this is literally David Bowie in a palette‘. I mean, just look at the packaging? It’s incredible! Especially if, like me, you are a Bowie fan!

And of course, it has been inspired by Bowie, with make up artist Charlotte Tilbury playing homage to the British icon.

Emblazoned with Bowie’s signature blue and red lightning bolt but with a Charlotte Tilbury luxe twist, this is the palette where you’ll find 12 pigmented rainbow shades, each column of shadows creating a ‘Day’, ‘Date’, ‘Diva’ or ‘Disco’ eye look.

It’s a palette for those who love a bit of shimmer and a slick of glimmer, with every shades from fresh sage green to rich brick bronze (my personal favourite! Love a good warm brown on blue eyes).

And although it’s a playful palette for creating those dramatic looks, the array of soft golds, neutral browns and bronze tones can all be played down, and used lightly to smudge and blend.

Before I explore what I love about this palette, I will point out that I’ll probably rarely use the blue shade. Which is a kinda shame, but, I feel the intense blue gives the palette that iconic Bowie vibe and works really well for those creating bold disco looks, so it actually works well with the other shades. It’s just one I can see myself avoiding!

The blue aside, every other shade in this palette is going to get used to death. I’ve already made a mess of this with that central block of 6 shades, which are fantastic for my makeup clients going to events and occasions.

In a nutshell, this Icon palette unites 12 hypnotic hues of rainbow brights, all with a touch of metallic finish, perfect for creating bolder looks. That being said, there’s four different looks to pick from, ‘Day’, ‘Date’, ‘Diva’ and ‘Disco’ , so you can actually use this palette for more natural and muted looks if you fancy.

Each look combines three shades that you can layer from ‘Shade 1’ on the top row, and work your way down. In true Charlotte Tilbury style, each shade is pigment-packed, meaning the colour is intense, with a creamy shadow texture, delivering rich, opaque colour.

You can dip a wet eyeshadow brush in any of these shades for a real strong, striking flash of deep colour.

It’s become a fast favourite of mine, simply by housing a fresh iridescent cream champagne shade right through to the more daring charcoal blacks. I used the bronze and creams on my bride over the weekend, take a peek below!

The palette costs £55, and it will last you a lifetime due to how solid and intense each colour is. Available at Cult Beauty.

HUDA Beauty Topaz Obsessions

OK so I have to admit that this one is what I would call ‘Emma in a palette‘ – which sounds ridiculous, but let me explain. I love warm brown shades; all the rich deep mahogany, bronzes, burnt orange shades…. these work brilliantly with blue/grey eyes, so for me personally, they are my go to shades.

This is a slightly smaller style of palette, packing in 9 shades which beautifully compliment each other to make up Huda Beauty’s Precious Stones Obsessions Palette.

I’ll be honest: this is the first time I’ve used Huda beauty eyeshadows. I know right, and I call myself a makeup artist! I have no excuse – I just haven’t had the chance to explore the products properly due to being so tied up in other favourites. But when this one landed at Feel Unique, I decided lets give it a good go, as it drew me in pretty much immediately.

So this slightly more compact palette is a dream for those who can’t squeeze their palettes into overstretched make up bags.

The Topaz Obsessions Palette unites nine pigment-packed powders – four vibrant duo-chrome shimmers and five creamy mattes – in an array of rich rose golds, ambers, deep browns, burnished bronzes and tangerine oranges.

As orangey shades of brown are the ideal shades to make blue eyes pop, this palette is one all you blue eyed ladies need to look out for!

This slimline edit of the most sought-after, bronze-hued shadows is now one of my go-to’s for both myself (I’ve bene using this religiously on me since I got my hands on it!) and for my makeup clients who ask for pretty gold, bronzed looks for their eyes.

The matte shades are what I love using on myself – especially the brick brown shade on the bottom row, blended with the soft pinky brown shade above it.

The palette is a more affordable £25 from Feel Unique, which could can shop here.

To summarise, this may be a smaller one but it’s one of my favourites. It’s a palette fused with electrifying jewel tones, all with a deep pigment and a luxurious texture.

And I know I keep saying it but I’ll say it again: blue eyed ladies, this one is YOURS!

Code 8 Iconoclast Lustrous Corduroy Palette

So recently I have been trying out Code8 beauty products, including a fantastic BB cream which is due a review of it’s own soon. However, let’s take a look at the first eye shadow palette ever using revolutionary Knead Technology.

This code8 Iconoclast palette uses a unique mixing method of ingredients, which give a silky smooth application for an intense colour pigment. This unique patent pending mixing method blends pre-baked pigments with sweet almond oil and evening primrose oil for superior blend-ability and skin nourishment.

How nice does that sound? Skin loving oils blended with the pigments!

When I tried the palette for the first time, I was expecting a luxurious feel to each powder when swept on the eyelid from reading up on the product first. And of course, it did just that.

The powders are the most beautiful, soft and velvet like textures which just glide onto the eyelid. No sitting awkardly in creases, just delivering a sweep of luxe colour, which don’t fade any time fast.

The compact-size format of the palette makes this a great one to keep myself, or to use for those destination weddings I do abroad and I can’t bring my whole kit. Never underestimate the power of a good old compact palette!

The shade of palette I have is Lustorous Corduroy, and the reason I picked this one is because the 6 shades are so universal. The palette is mainly made up of matte shades, and if you read up a little further on this post, I mention that I’m a true matte fan at heart.

The shades in this colourway make it so easy to create what I like to call a light smokey brown eye, with a cream eye lid. I used this palette on one of my clients for her bridal trial, and have shared the images here so you can see!

The palette retails at £45, and comes in 3 colour versions.

BPerfect Cosmetics Sub Zero Highlight Palette – MMMMitchell

OK so to break up the list of eyeshadow palettes, I wanted to round up with what I now call my holy grail of highlighter palettes: the MMMMitchell BPerfect Cosmetics Sub Zero Highlight palette. Now this one is FABULOUS!

BPerfect MMMMitchell Sub Zero Highlighter Palette is a fantastic 7-shade highlighter palette to keep for yourself to cover all your highlighting needs. I depseratley wanted to keep this for myself, but I keep bringing it along with me for my bridal parties and occasion makeup clients, so I’m fearing I’m starting to loose it to the job!

It’s just a great one to pull out of my kit when it comes to the highlighting step. I find when I open it up and let me clients pick which shade they want, they tend to always go for MMMM, In Blankets or Made It, so these three are getting ridiculously low as I’m using them so often!

The beauty of this palette is that I can bring it to every client and know it’s packed with a full range of tones, and they have every skin tone and occasion covered. No matter the skin colour or tone of any client, they are going to glow so brightly with any of these highlight shades!

I have used the In Blankets lightly on my client below.

This palette retails at £32.50 and contains 6 carefully pressed, super-blendable powder highlighters, plus one ‘OTT’ Topper. The topper is the last shade on it’s own, the ‘OTT’ one designed to add exactly that: an extra dazzle of OTT shimmer to any highlighter and blush.

I also found that if you like, you can use a fluffy blendable eyeshadow brush and dip it in the ‘Baebly’ shade and use this as a transitional eyeshadow shade when blending out bronzed eyeshadow looks.

Or, a slim blendable eyeshadow brush dipped in the MMMM or In Blankets, carefully blended under the brow to make your brows really stand out and ‘sharpen up’.

You can find out more about the Sub Zero palette here.

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