5 Appliances a Modern Kitchen Should Have in 2019

What makes a modern kitchen modern? Is it by studding your cooking area with the latest gadgets? Is it by having a terrific design?

Companies that make household items are constantly upgrading on existing designs and introducing new ones; the market is not devoid of cool stuff. None of these, however, answer the question of what makes a nice kitchen. A modern kitchen should just have the necessary appliances.

Most kitchen appliances now offered in the market serve more than a single purpose. This helps you reduce clutter, which is a principal factor that makes you lose interest in cooking in your home kitchen.

But as always, we’re here to guide you with tips and expert recommendations on kitchen and cooking tools that best provide value. Do not be left behind in 2019; read on to know the 5 cool modern kitchen appliances that’s hot and trending on the market.

Multipurpose Pressure Cooker

When it comes to getting food on the table quick, pressure cookers are the real deal. Pressure cookers lock in the steam brewing inside the chamber, consequently raising the boiling point of water.

This reduces potential cooking time up to an incredible 70%. But here’s a good poser I’d expect from a smart cook, if I was trying to make them get one: how many types of food can it make?

If you should get a pressure cooker, get one that makes a variety of food for 4 or more. It doesn’t matter if you live alone. You’ll definitely have people paying visits once in a while; ones with different meal choices too.

Electric Hand Mixer

Stand mixers are the conventional thing. They are hard to discard when many people are making a list of must-haves in their kitchen. That’s understandable if you get to do a lot of ingredient mixing on a regular basis.

But there are hand mixers that could actually match the consistency of their less flexible cousins. Some electric hand mixers can mix with utmost consistency, cakes, vegetables, pizza dough, mashed potatoes, and plenty other things.

Would you love to save more space in your kitchen? Get one of these versatile tools.

Coffee Maker

Here’s the unavoidable one. Even folks that don’t use them at all have one in their kitchen. Coffee is literally a part of the American lifestyle. If you ask an American what coffee is, they’ll give you a look like you belong to a new breed that’s just starting to evolve from the ice age.

However, there are a variety of coffee types, and the machines that make them. Just make sure you get the perfect coffee maker for you.

Air Fryer

Just as the name indicates, an air fryer sucks in air from the outer chamber, ionizes the air, and uses the air to fry food. It requires little or no oil to fry. It fries at a fraction of the time a conventional oven would use. Are you seeing the benefits already?

It helps you avoid the mess of oil spills.  You will save a lot of time and energy. You will protect your heart from cholesterol. The benefits don’t have to be limited to the kitchen.


Breakfast is a very important meal. We don’t even need to tell you that if you’ve got kids. Bagels and toast are a staple foods in America and the UK. It should be cooked fast; cooked well; cooked in time. Having a toaster could actually be a life saver. If you’re single, having a 2-slice toaster is cool. If you have ‘significant others,’ 4-slice toasters are just perfect!

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