5 of the Best Business and Life Podcasts To Get Into For 2020

It was last year when I first started getting into podcasts properly. 2019, mid way through the year, when I discovered a few ‘girl boss’ inspired podcasts that talked business, blogging, and the online world.

I loved them that much I started to listen to them instead of upbeat music at the gym. I mean, I needed to make use of the time at the gym that I never particularly enjoyed, so listening to something inspiring and motivational would surely make it more fun.

After that, I switched around a little. One week I would go from business and girl boss shizzle, the next I would go to how to be mentally happier and to understand other people a little more.

Sometimes I felt uplifted, and other times I had no capacity to listen. But that’s OK: it’s all about realising there is an abundance of podcasts out there which kinda touch on pretty much every topic possible!

If you’re trying to get into some podcasts this yeae which span acorss wellbeing, life, business and genuinley bossing it a little bit with work and life, then here’s 5 that I find myself going back to!

The Diary of a CEO – Steven Bartlett

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Steven a couple of years back when he was at the same event I was at. He’s a busy man, and since starting his business Social Chain years ago as a young twenty something guy, he’s since become a motivational speaker who not only talks about business, but life, too.

The reason I love his podcast is that it’s a healthy mix of business talk, interviews, and understanding people and life. There is one in particular about how to stop being your own worst enemy which made me realise why people on social media – and some of my friends in real life – can be brutally awful to me! (hint: people hate seeing people happy and doing well, especially if they have their own insecurities, although Steven goes deep into it which really made sense).

On Purpose – Jay Shetty

Many of you may have seen Jay Shetty and his thought provoking videos going viral on Facebook, and that is how I came across the podcast. He has a purpose to make wisdom go viral. He has a very firm yet calming voice, and talks some real sense about how to look at life and assess situations.

Jay has some fascinating conversations with some of the most insightful people in the world, and releases new episodes on Mondays and Fridays.

BossGirl Creative

I stumbled across this very American podcast ran by a lady called Taylor when I was originally searching for GirlBoss Radio. However, I’m super glad I found it because it’s a very open and honest podcast for those who run their own business, or at least want to become self employed or boss through the freelance world.

Taylor shares everything from tips, tricks and hacks you need to know in the online and social media interest, and goes in-depth on certain topics like Pinterest, scheduling tools, finances and all kinds.

I find it a great one to make notes to, and also to be inspired for my next steps when organising my business.

Selfie by Sarah and Kristen

Selfie has been brilliantly billed as ‘a podcast about self-care and other s**t’, where the two hosts – Sarah James and Kristen Howerton – discuss the healthier approaches we can all take to our everyday lives.

If you wanted a little bit of healthy life triggers and motivation around your mind, body and well-being, this does the job! Sarah is a blogger while Kristin is a psychotherapist, and together they bring both social and scientific research to their refreshing and open conversations about finding better ways to look after the mind, body and spirit.

Feel Better, Live More

And last but not least, this podcast is best known due to the host being the BBC’s Doctor In The House, Dr Rangan Chatterjee. Let me tell you, he is a bona fide healthcare powerhouse. In his podcast, he brings together his 15-plus years of experience with industry professionals, doctors and researchers to attempt to uncover the truth behind common health myths.

I’m (touch wood) quite a healthy person so I do skim listen to this sometimes, but I can imagine if you battle with health or want daily inspiration, you’ll get lots of pointers and advice from this.

It’s overall an essential listen if you want the hard science behind gut health, microbes and the body’s fundamental workings.

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