4 Timeless Fashion Accessories That Won’t Go out of Style

Whether you prefer to follow the latest trends or go for a classic style, there are some accessories which will complement any look – anytime. From watches to bags, investing in timeless pieces is the best way to add value to your wardrobe – all while gaining an item which you can wear anywhere and with almost anything. Plus, if you own timeless pieces, you’ll find you don’t throw money away on fast fashion, too (therefore being more sustainable!).

If you want to find out which accessories you should consider adding to your collection, read on. I’ve put together a list of four top fashion accessories that won’t go out of style year after year, and should be adaptable for any occasion or event

Owning a classic watch

A well-designed watch doesn’t just look good – it’s also a practical piece which will instantly smarten any outfit. Whether you’re looking for a hybrid smartwatch or the Patek Philippe Nautilus to pass on to the next generation, a watch really will offer you the best of both worlds – a classic accessory you can wear today (and every day) whilst making a savvy investment for tomorrow.

According to some statistics, roughly 1.2 billion different watches are sold around the world every year. With so much choice available, this means that you’re guaranteed to find something which suits your personal style and elevates the other items in your wardrobe.

Plus, if you opt for one that oozes luxury, comes in gold/silver/cream/tan/black, you’ll find it matches with almost any outfit.

A quality quilted handbag

A style which was first made popular by the world-famous Chanel 2.55 in the 1920s, quilted handbags are one of the most timeless accessories on our streets. The quilted detailing is a statement yet subtle design, making it the perfect match for any outfit from jeans and trainers to an evening wedding reception. They look soft and luxurious too, and anything that appears expenive always has that longevity.

Whether you choose to invest in the Chanel 2.55 or opt for a similar design at a different price point, there’s no doubt that your new bag will be over your arm for decades to come. Just remember to go for a universal colour, like black, white, cream, grey, navy, red or tan.

A simple classic gold or silver chain

Gold jewellery is never out of fashion – and a chain is one of the most wearables ways to enjoy it. From delicate layering necklaces to a statement chunky chain, there are countless variations on this simple theme, making it one of the most versatile trends on our jewellery counters.

You only need to look at the attention which Paul Mescal’s silver chain commanded in the TV series Normal People to see the staggering impact which this low-hassle accessory can have. Whether you wear it under your shirt for understated style or choose to go bold, chains really are the cherry on top when it comes to finishing off your outfit.

If you want to ensure a matching set, opt for a fine silver change and silver studs which pair together perfectly (or gold – just make sure you always match your metals!)

Statement high quality sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses might be an excellent way to hide your face on a hangover, but that doesn’t mean they should make you blend into the background. From Audrey Hepburn’s iconic oversized sunglasses in Breakfast At Tiffany’s (1961) to Karl Largerfeld’s signature black shades, these timeless accessories can make you look instantly chic.

There are so many different styles available that finding the perfect pair for you should be easy. By investing in a well-made pair which provides proper sun protection as well as a striking look, you’ll have a classic accessory which you won’t just want to save for summer. There are always so many trends that pop up season after season, but they can date just as quick. A statement style are usually aviators or cat eye – something that suits all face shapes and never dates.

Looking to add timeless investment pieces to your wardrobe? These four fashion accessories are sure to take you from day to decade.

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