4 Easy Ways to Transform Your Outdoor Living Space

There are many ways to transform your home from the inside out. While there is no shortage of opinions on how to use throw pillows to make a living room to the next level, the living room is not the only area in the home where living is done.

The kitchen is not the only place where cooking and eating is done. A garden is a place where all of those things and more are done. It’s a place that is whatever you make it. Here are a few ideas that can help jumpstart that process:


An interior design hack for creating the illusion of a larger space is to utilise mirrors. Why should that stop inside? Strategically placing a weatherproof mirror by your garden fence can not only create focal interest but can also make an outdoor space look a lot bigger! 

Mirrors can also be used to harness natural light to make the outdoor space all the more appealing.

Lay a New Lawn

When it comes to fashion, people like clothes, but they loooove accessorising their outfits! If you have a nice foundation, then you can go wild and have fun with accessories. Gardens are no different.

For those with a nice, compact lawn, skip the stress of constant upkeep and bringing tools and mess into that space. Get a nice, new lawn that’ll stay green all year and allows focus on the seasonal potted plants that will really make the space feel dynamic and fun.

Create an Outdoor Living Room 

Sharing time with friends and loved ones is precious. And hanging out with friends in cool places can get very expensive, very quickly with the costs of food and drink (emphasis drinks). So why not create that cool space at home?

Use the back garden as a way to create a fun, outdoor living space for both relaxing and entertaining. 

Use mismatched dining chairs to create a chic gathering space. Check out YouTube tutorials and learn how to combine weatherproof cushion covers and old pallets to make a sofa. If the internet has taught the world anything, it’s that there are few limits to what can be made with creativity and effort. I

Creative Planting

This is what can make the outdoor living space really shine. Many fond memories might be made from sitting under old, beautiful trees, but the best impressions are made by using planters creatively for fresh and varied outdoor looks.

Colourful, vibrant seasonal plants can be featured, adjusted or relocated by using temporary planters. This allows for the outdoor space to be customised for any occasion.

And the best part is that the planters themselves are part of the decorating fun. Use old jars, tins, buckets, wooden boxes — anything that will hold soil, really.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. With creative planting, everything can be easily customised and affordably achieved.

Ultimately, the easiest way to transform an outdoor space is to set aside narrow viewpoints of how to use the space. Don’t worry about what the outdoor living space should be, only what it could be.

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