15 Fabulous Ways to Bring Out Your Facial Features

What is the first thing you notice about someone when you first meet them? They say to never judge a book by its cover, but let’s face it, everybody does! Starting a new job, going on a date or mingling with a new circle of friends exposes us to new people every day.

You probably aren’t going to remember their names straight away, but you will notice particular facial features that stand out. If you want to grow in confidence and feel more comfortable meeting new people, it’s time to enhance your natural beauty.

Whether you’re trying to get gorgeous lips or zap those zits, here are fifteen fabulous ways to bring out your naturally beautiful facial features.

1. Savvy Skincare

Getting your skincare routine just right is the first step to a fabulous and glowing face! Speak to your dermatologist if you have any concerns about sensitivity or skin conditions. They will be able to advise you on specialist products to keep your skin looking its best. Ideally you want to be cleansing twice a day, but keep exfoliation to twice a week to avoid dryness and irritation.

2. Magic Moisture 

You need to moisturise twice a day, even if you have oily skin. Find an oil free cream so it feels lightweight and natural on your skin. Non-comedogenic (oil-free) products will prevent your pores from blocking up, which will leave your skin super clear all day long.

3. Zit Zapping 

A zit in the middle of your chin is probably one of the most annoying things to deal with, but do not mess with it! Use a warm compress to reduce swelling and dab a drop of tea tree oil on the blemish to clear it up. The more you mess with spots, the longer they take to disappear.

4. Amazing Accessories 

Jewellery can be worn in fabulous ways to enhance your facial features. Whether you’ve got a Helix Piercing or a nose ring, use this is as your excuse to invest in some new eye catching accessories. Piercings are a unique way to get yourself noticed, so flaunt your assets and feel confident!

5. Sexy Smile

A smile can go a long way when it comes to bringing out your features; everybody looks beautiful with a smile. Take good care of your teeth and use a natural beeswax lip balm regularly to enhance your gorgeous grin.

6. Beautiful Brows

Your eyebrows work wonders at shaping your face, so keep on top of your brow appointments. Try to avoid plucking them yourself; leave it to a professional to wax, tint and shape them every four to eight weeks.

7. Lovely Lashes

Fluttering your eyelashes makes every lady feel lovely, whether you use mascara or extensions to enhance their length and fullness. Eyelash extensions are incredibly natural these days, as long as you scope out a fully trained lash technician to work their magic.

8. Happy Highlight

If you have never tried to contour your cheekbones before, it couldn’t be easier! Sweeping a small amount of light, iridescent powder just above your cheekbone can instantly give you the lift you’re looking for. Seek advice from a makeup counter if you aren’t confident enough to take the plunge by yourself just yet.

9. Excellent Eyes

Your eyes are incredibly sensitive, so it’s important to take good care of them from a young age. It’s never too early to use an eye cream around your lids before bed; this will keep you looking young and feeling confident no matter what.

10. Lush Lips

Lip liners, matte lipsticks and shiny glosses are what every girl dreams of. However, they won’t look flawless if you don’t look after your lips. Exfoliate them using a natural sugar scrub and invest in a good lip balm that you apply regularly. It’s always a good idea to carry out a lip balm in your handbag for any on the go emergencies.

11. Super Shadow

Mastering your eyeshadow techniques can take some time, but once you have cracked it you will never look back. The key is to build the shades gradually by using different brushes and strokes. A bold and smoky eye is the perfect way to complete an evening look, so it’s worth growing your confidence now.

12. Terrific Tones

Understanding which colors work with your skin tone is very important when you’re looking to bring out your best features. Coral lipsticks look stunning with darker, olive skin tones, whereas you might want to opt for a blush pink if you’re fair and freckly. Ask your friends what suits you and they will be able to give you an honest opinion.

13. Fab Foods

If you want glowing skin, you need to nourish yourself from within before you change up your makeup and skincare routines. Fill your plate with leafy green veggies, protein and vitamin C, so your skin can shine from the inside.

14. Wonderful Water

Staying hydrated is so important for young, healthy, glowing skin. Carry a water bottle with you everywhere and make sure you are getting at least two litres of water a day to keep your skin supple and smooth.

15. Calmness and Confidence 

Confidence is the most beautiful thing you can wear if you want to make a good impression. Whether you’re going makeup free or rocking a bold lip, it is important to poised and assured no matter what!

Everybody will have a unique feature that makes them instantly recognizable. It is your job to discover it and find a way to enhance it naturally and subtly.

If you know you have a winning smile, it’s time to perfect that lip liner and make your teeth glisten. However, if your eyes are your best asset you might want to be a little more adventurous with shadows and lashes.

As long as you feel confident in your final look, you won’t be able to go wrong. Use this advice as a platform to skyrocket your confidence and be a beautiful person both inside and out.

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